Black Saree Blouse Designs

Pink may have been the new black once. Orange may have been
the new black yesterday. But black shall always remain the black and a colour
that is so versatile that it can be paired up with almost anything. This post,
today, is about different types of black saree blouse designs. Here is the best
and most varied collection of images of black saree blouse designs.

Like there are endless supplies of new saree material and
designs, so is there variety of blouse styles and trends to accompany them. A
basis solid black saree blouse is something every saree wearing woman should
possess. These basis solid black saree blouses can be worn with almost any kind
of saree when all other blouses fail. So it is best to keep a simple plain
black blouse with short capped sleeve. 
Simple Plain Black Saree Blouse:
Plain Solid Black Saree blouse

Actress Kajal in Simple black saree blouse square neck
Halter Black Saree Blouse:
For the physically fit ladies out there, black sarie blouses
in halter necks look extremely posh and appealing. These types of halter saree
blouses can be paired with many types of sarees, whether it be with a simple
cotton saree or traditional katan sarees and even with printed chiffons.
Pryanka Chopra is rocking in this sexy black lace saree paired with a narrow strapped black halter sari blouse:
Pryanka Chopra in Sexy Black Halter blouse with lace saree

Amisha Patel looks absolutely stunning in a satin halter
neck saree blouse made in the western style. Most halter necked blouses for sarees have their straps attached to the outer edge of the blouse torso. But the style of halter neck that Amisha Patel is wearing with this beautiful lace saree has the straps sprouting from the inner edges of the neckline, making the whole attire look stunning!


Amisha Patel is Gorgeous Black Halter blouse and Lace Saree 

Bollywood Actress Amisha Patel in Black saree
 Black Sequin Saree Blouse

For a party look black sequined
blouses look fabulous with party sarees. Sequined saree blouses look good in
many different cuttings like halter neck, short capped neck, sleeveless and
many more. 
Beautiful short capped Sequined Black Saree Blouse with red border with semi-transparent black saree.

Katrina looking hot in black sequined saree blouse

Black sequined Halter neck Saree blouse with black and red saree.

Sleeveless Black Blouse for
A classic look for sarees is
black sleeveless blouses. Sleeveless blouses in black colour look very sophisticated
and this type of blouse can be worn with different types of sarees. 
Classic Basis Black Sleeveless Saree Blouse with black and hot pink saree.
Amisha Patel is a flowy sleeveless blouse of chiffon material.

Very trendy cut sleeveless blouse with high neck worn with animal print black semi-transparent saree

Black Sleeveless Blouse with Boat Neck. Pink Saree with Green pleats.
Black Sleeveless blouse with deep square back.

Sonam Kapoor in Black transparent sleeveless blouse with big window neck. Beads tassels. White and black saree.
Gorgeous Designer
Saree Blouse for Parties and Weddings: 
Black Blouses create the perfect cushion for gorgeous
zardousi work, zari work, embroideries and many more. Black blouses with golden
or bronze embellishments look fantastic.

Gorgeous Black Blouse with big Window Neck. Transparent blouse with embroidery and sequin work.

Sleeveless Black Blouse with Gold Zardouzi work and zari work. Party Saree blouse

Black Velvet Saree blouse with sequin work in gold and black

Actress Kajol in Black lace saree blouse with half body transparent

Black velvet blouse for saree

Traditional Black blouse with Big round window back.

Actress Madhuri Dixit in Black Saree and Sleeveless Designer Blouse

black designer blouse

Black and gold katan blouse for sari

Party Black sequin blouse for saree

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