Saree Blouse Design Back – The Button Affair

It is a very risky business to have the opening of the saree
blouse at the back as it is very easy to ruin the classiness of the saree
blouse if the hooks / buttons at the back are not rightly done. So this post
will explore ways to have the blouse opening at the back without making it look
clumsy or downright ugly. So in the latest media news it can be seen that the
back opening is now quite the “In” thing to wear when it comes to saree blouse
designs and styles. So why the beloved readers of this blog should be denied a
few tricks and tips regarding saree blouse design back? 

Buttons at the back of the Blouses of sarees is the rave
this season:
Sabyasachi Mukherjee has incorporated the potli button in
his blouses so what else needs to be said. Who would not want to wear a blouse
this intricately feminine? Potli buttons are basically small ball like buttons
filled with fabric. These buttons are exquisite and adds a certain classiness
to the blouse. 
Sabyasachi Mukherjee’s Gorgeous buttoned blouse with potli buttons made of fabric.

Curtained Back Blouse Style:
Curtained backed saree blouse is a very beautiful type of
blouse. This type of saree blouse reveals yet at the same time hides. It’s sexy
and yet this type of blouse does not fall within the ambit of vulgar. If a lady
is looking for a saree blouse style that is feminine and beautiful then this
type of white curtained back saree blouse with white fabric buttons will do the

White Curtained Saree Blouse Back with Buttons
Saree Blouse Back for fun loving girl:

Back buttoned blouses can be very girly too. For those
looking to look girly and bubbly, there are buttoned backed saree blouse that
looks modern and girly rather than womanly and sophisticated. For a fun look
funky buttons can be used at the back with a soft chiffon printed saree or
French crepe floral printed saree.
Pink Saree Blouse Back with Buttons
Always remember that the best thing about saree is that it
is versatile. Decide on the look and there shall always be a way to execute it.
Any confusion just message me.   

Gorgeous saree blouse design with back buttons
White Saree blouse with buttoned back with tie die white and pink chiffon saree

Silk Pastel sea green blouse by Sabyasachi Designer with buttoned down back
Embroidered back of sari  blouse with all through buttons

Deep V neck blouse back with tiny buttons at the back. Can be worn with saree or lahenga


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