Party Saree Blouse Designs

Two women in Saree – Red and White Saree

Sophisticated Yellow Katan Saree with Red Sleeveless Blouse
With Eid and Durga Puja around the corner
we can’t help but buy a few sarees for this festive season I the South East
part of Asia. It is no longer enough to just wear a pretty party saree; one
must wear their party saree with the right type of party saree blouse. 

Different Styles of Party Saree Blouse Designs:

Various types of party sari blouse designs exist to choose from for
weddings, Eid and Durga puja. There are a few things that you should keep in
mind when wearing a saree, especially if you would like to rock in a saree. 
  • Poise and
    Self-Confidence is vital – Wear saree blouse which you feel natural in and
    don’t just run after what is the “IN” design this season. From comfort
    comes confidence. It is not required to wear a very short and revealing
    blouse to look hot and sensual. The key to rocking in a saree is the way
    the lady carries herself with confidence and comfort and of-course the
    look in her eyes. Don’t feel flustered in a saree. Always choose a saree
    that flows with you.
  • Stitch and Fitting –
    Paramount is the immaculate stitching of the saree blouse without which
    the entire party look can be ruined. It matters not whether the blouse
    itself is sexy or stylish, if the blouse is ill-fitting and the stitching
    is left desiring of more. Always wear blouse which perfectly fits your
    body, not too loose (baggy sleeves and blouse body looks tacky) and not
    too tight (it looks grotesque if the sarie blouse bites into the flesh)

    Check or Plaid Saree

    Halter Neck Saree
    Karishma Kapoor in Saree

    Sexy Saree Blouse Photo
to Look Sexy in a Saree at a Party:

you have decided to go for a sexy look then the following tips to look sexy in
saree with come in handy.

  • Daring Décolletage – Nothing looks more daringly sensuous than
    a deep neckline that sits snug on both the back and front of the blouse.
    It is very important to ensure that the neckline properly fits the lady
    wearing the saree or else it can very easily look gaudy. Giving a zari
    border or piping around the neckline adds a subtle uplift to the look.
    However, do not give such deep plunging neckline that the bra straps play
    peek-a-boo. In that case, depending on the type of blouse, either go for
    strapless undergarments or get padded cups stitched in the blouse.  
  • Second
    Skin – As already mentioned above, stitching must be immaculate. Even with
    a gorgeous body and beautiful saree a lady can come off lacking in
    sexiness or their desired look if the blouse is not stitched up to the
    standard. When getting a blouse stitched think of the present and have it
    stitched in your exact, current size.
  • Misconception about Sleeves – Don’t be fooled
    into thinking that to achieve a lush and stimulating look, it is necessary
    to bare it all. Even full sleeves can be very sexy. Consider wearing sheer
    translucent or transparent sleeves. Keep in mind your body weight and
    shape of your arms when deciding on the type of sleeves to go for. If your
    arms are too skinny, a short capped sleeve might look better than a
    sleeveless or halter neck style. If your arms are chubby, better to wear
    tight three quarter sleeves to act as arm corsets.

    Off White Silk Saree with Boat neck blouse with Full sleeves
    Full sleeve Net Blouse with net saree
    Full sleeve hot pink saree

    Full sleeve transparent Saree blouse
          What types of saree to wear to get a party look:
  • Right Material – It is
    very important to choose the right saree material to achieve the best
    results. Depending on the body type and look desired, the material should
    be picked. For example, if you are an overweight person and want to
    achieve a traditional look then I would suggest going for a chiffon or
    georgette katan saree which drapes snugly rather than a traditional katan
    silk saree which is slightly stiff and doesn’t hug the body that tight. If
    the same look is desired by a skinny or lean woman, a silk katan would be
    a better choice. Therefore, if you want to look lean and slim, materials
    like chiffon, lace, soft georgette, Italian crepe are great choices. To
    appear more rounded, options would range from tissue material, silk,
    benarasi, katan, cotton, etc.  
  • Lacy Affair –
    patterned lace sarees are very popular this year and the amazing thing
    with lace sarees are that they are very easily manoeuvrable and can easily
    be worn to achieve various types of look, like sensuous, sexy and also
    sophisticated. Blouses are also made with lace material and there is a lot
    that can be done with lace to attain unique saree blouse designs.  

    Black Lace Blouse for Saree

    Lace Blouse Photo for Saree

  • Latest Saree Blouse Design – Corset Style Saree blouse is the latest trendy blouse to wear. Corset blouses are a blend between east and west and gives a very regal look. 


Deep Red Corset Blouse for Saree

Blue Corset Sari Blouse
Red Corset Saree Blouse Photo
Pink Corset Saree blouse design

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