Rebel in Pastels – Breaking the Stereotype In Sarees

Photo Collage of Pastel Sarees in shades of pale greens, yellows and blue.

WriterKat adores pastels and
anything and everything retro. When her favourite attire, saree, is teamed up
with her favourite range of colours, i.e. pastels, it is innocently sinful. Oh
don’t get her wrong, bold colours are in her bag too but any given rainy day
she’d pick pastels over bold, just the same way she picks sophistication over
sexiness, then again, is there a difference.
In case you are not aware of what
pastel colours mean which holds such a special abode in her heart, pastel is
not just one colour, it can be almost any colour, the one pre-requisite to
become a pastel is it has to be pale, it has to be soft on the eyes, it need
not be dull but it may even be dull. Pastel colours have a delicacy about it;
fragility. These colours are relaxing, peaceful, sophisticated and is said to
equate with sanity and who doesn’t need a bit of sanity here and there.  
Look at these gorgeous bridesmaids’ gowns in varying shades of
pastel. No other tone of colour embodies femininity as does pastels. 
Pastel coloured bridesmaid’s gowns
Now comes the entrance of sarees. You must be wondering how
pastels can play a role in sarees or vice-versa. Especially for those who tend
to wear sarees only for special and grand occasions like weddings of friends
and relatives it may be difficult to go beyond the mainstream idea of sarees
which is all jazzy and heavily embellished or bold visually. However, there is
a saree realm outside the general glittering weddings and parties where sarees
are the epitome of class and sophistication. 
In fact, any woman wearing the
saree in pastel colours would turn heads.

The Most Beautiful Chiffon Pastel Saree: 
The below picture of the woman in a gloomy blue pastel
coloured saree is one of my most favourite pastel saree pictures of all time.
The lady looks just so sophisticated and yet so very sexy. The simplicity of
this saree and the simple dull gold border is the perfect accomplice to this
saree. Silver border would have ruined the allure.   
The Most Beautiful Photo of a Chiffon Pastel Saree

Sharing below a stunning collection of photographs of
peachy-pink pastel sarees. Each and every saree in this series is so feminine
and pretty to the eye. Peachy or pink pastels are the most feminine of all
pastel colours in sarees.

Picture of Peach coloured chiffon saree with silver border and buti

Peach muslin saree with embroidered flowers and vines with bikini top blouse

Powder pink net saree with silver halter neck sari blouse

Peach coloured net saree picture with hot pink flower embroidery and green leaves with pearl work.

Photo of pastel pink chiffon saree with mirror work border and high neck sari blouse style

Fleshy peach net sari picture

Warm peach lehenga saree with bright pink border and flower embroidery

Stunning picture of pale pink saree on model

Lavender purple saree
Pale Pastel Green Sarees are very pleasing to the eyes.
Green in general is a very calming colour which we tend to forget now and then
and when one re-visits this colour we always, without fail, have a fond bonding
with pale green colour. Below, sharing some very sophisticated green pastel
sarees along with other sober and classy sarees in other shades. 
Pale Green net material saree with feminine floral printed sleeveless blouse
Photograph of very sophisticated muted moss green saree on a model

Powder Blue Pastel Saree:
The following photograph of the powder blue pastel saree on the ramp is so very classy and ultra feminine.

Model wearing powder blue chiffon saree with floral embroidery and heavily embellished blouse top

pic of muted dirty blue saree with black border

Grey blue saree with all over work.

Beautiful shaded pale yellow lehenga saree style
Tips On Looking Sophisticated in Pastel Sarees:

  • Colour Combination: One must remember to wear the right
    combination of colours with pastel sarees. In order to achieve the
    sophisticated look it is necessary to not contrast the sombreness of the pastel
    sari with anything harsh on the eyes, like bring colours or shiny material
    which do not complement the pale colour. Therefore, when choosing the saree blouse, remember to either go matching or muted contrast.
  • Accessories with Sarees: With classy colours in hues of pale
    pinks and greens and yellows and blues, it is a must task to not wear tacky
    jewellery with them. Sometimes, remember, less is more. So, if the right accessory
    is not available, go bare, but do not wear something gaudy.  

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