Mirror Work Saree Blouse Designs

Many mirror work saree blouse designs
Today sharing with you one of the
latest trends in the ethnic fashion world which has made quite an entree right
in time for the wedding season. As weddings are all about bright colours and
dazzle, these gorgeous saree blouse designs embellished with different shaped
mirrors and thread embroidery or zari embroidery is just perfect. Embroidered
mirror embellishments have been around for ages but recently it has made a
comeback in the South East Asian fashion scene with a force like no other.
Mirror designs are being used on sarees, blouses, lahengas and kameez. Mirrors
having no colour of its own and being a reflective agent is very versatile and
can be used to achieve many different looks from demure to very bubbly to loud. 
Types of Mirrors Used to Design Saree Blouse Designs:
There are basically two types of
mirrors that are used to beautify saree blouses. One is real mirror which is
glass based and these types of mirror works tend to be very sparkly and
dazzling. However, real mirror work on garments tend to make the blouse very
heavy (weight wise) and a bit difficult to sew as the needles cannot penetrate
such mirrors.
On the other hand there is what I
refer to as faux mirror which is basically silver tinted plastic or tin pieces
which somewhat look like a mirror but are not as reflective. However, they are
lighter and easy to work with for a tailors and fashion designers. These
mirrors are also cheaper.
Stunning Saree with Round window neck at the back with square mirror designs
How are Mirrors Attached to the Fabric of the Saree Blouse:

Mirror work is done on sari
blouse fabric by stitching mirrors with thread or by placing pre-made thread rings
on mirrors. Sometimes mirrors are just attached with glue and them secured with
colourful rings which is then sewn around. 
Shapes of Mirror on Saree Blouse:
Although the most popular shape
of mirror work is the round or circular shaped mirrors, there are many other
shapes of mirrors which are used to decorate saree blouse. They come in square
shapes, diamond shapes, triangle shapes and many other unique shapes. Mirror
work on saree blouses can be very uniform and symmetrical while on the other
hand scattered mirrors look amazing too. These designs can have same sized
mirrors or even different shapes and sizes.  
Pictures of the Latest Saree Blouse Designs with Mirror Work: 
I have consolidated the best saree blouse designs with mirror work of all kinds below:
Blue blouse and red saree in cotton material with big mirror designs

Royal Blue sari blouse with silver zari embroidery around mirror work of different size

off white saree with gorgeous cut work blouse

Multi coloured thread embroidery with mirror work with off white net saree with yellow border

different size mirror with multi coloured thread embroidery with lime yellow saree with kundan work border

Big mirror work on saree blouse with flower design

beautiful orange blouse with triangle and circle mirror

corset style saree blouse with pink and pale yellow saree

patel colours and mirror work on spaghetti strap saree blouse

orange net saree with black border and three quarter sleeves blouse

high neck blouse with pale yellow saree

blouse and pink saree

white blouse with silver embellishment and intricate mirror work

white saree worn with colourful blouse

black sari blouse with mirror work and silver zari work

yellow saree with pink border picture

off white transparent blouse with zipper at the back

orange blouse and hot pink saree

black blouse with curtained back see through

simple pink sari blouse with light design of mirror

gorgeous saree and blouse

Beautiful Saree Blouse Colour Combination:
This pale blue soft georgette contrasted with fuchsia pink looks stunning especially with the simple symmetrical mirror work on the saree border and the all over work on the sleeveless blouse. 

pale blue saree with hot pink blouse

 Whys and hows of mirror work
saree blouse designs:

  • Mirror work is great for party sarees that can
    be worn at weddings and other functions as they can be catered to meet all
    kinds of desired look.
  • As mirrors do not have a colour of its own, they
    can be adorned with multi coloured threads or for those seeking a more sombre
    look they can be fixed on the fabric with any one colour.
  • Mirror work look great on almost all types of material
    starting from nets to tissues to muslin to silk and even cotton.
  • To achieve a very glamorous look for wedding festivities,
    I would always suggest to go for an all over heavy mirror work on the saree
    blouse. Best to wear all over designed with mirror work blouse with a simple
    transparent saree of tissue or net or chiffon material.
  •  Opt for a less clustered mirror-work sari blouse
    if the saree is very gorgeous. Keep in mind that if the saree itself has a lot
    of going on then it is not advisable to wear a heavily adorned mirror work sari

Even Bollywood Actresses are preferring
mirror work Saree Blouse Designs:
I am sharing below photographs of
actresses wearing sarees and saree blouse designs which are adorned with thread
embroidery and mirror-work.  
Deepika in bright yellow saree with pink border which has small round mirror work and paired with mirror embellished tube blouse
Madhuri in bubble gum pink saree with gorgeous mirror work blouse
Actress Tabu in black saree with tribal pattern mirror work blouse

Deepika in Peachy orange saree with mirror border and blouse

Kareena Kapoor in White saree with mirror-work blouse with all over design

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  1. Please also share some sources where we can buy these blouses online!

  2. Hey I wanna know that where did u find the pale blue saree with hot pink blouse I wanna buy it but don’t know from which site to buy it

    • Hi Nisha Verma and Adi, Arpita Mehta is a designer who makes a lot of mirror based sarees and saree blouses. I am sure you will find one that you like from her collection

  3. Your collection is very nice & beautiful. Can you share details where I can buy?

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