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Lace Saree Blouse Designs

There is something about lace
that a woman can’t resist. Whether it be a lacy set of lingerie or a lacy pair
of knickers. There is something so inherently sexy yet at the same time
luxurious about lace that it is a favourite material amongst a great portion of
women. It is this nature of beauty and sexiness combined that makes lace one of
our favourite material for Sarees and Saree blouses. Lace is such a nifty
material that a lot of saree blouse designs can be created using lace material.
However, keep in mind, ladies, that there is a major difference between net and
lace. Lace tends to have beautiful floral patterns or patterns of creepers and
vines, on the other hand net material tends to be plain net with no other
pattern on it; net material can be of different net holes, big or small.

Lace Saree Blouse Designs:
The lace saree blouse designs can
be of many different types and many different looks can be achieved with it.
Both sexy and cute and feminine looks can be achieved using the lace material
for saree blouse designs due to its texture and cutwork. 
Sexy Lace Blouse:
The thought of a sexy saree
blouse conjures up the image of a black lace curtained back saree blouse or a
scalloped edge lace creating a window neckline. Somehow black lace and sexy
goes hand in hand. A saree blouse made with lace which has lining only at the
front torso (chest down) with no back lining or even if there is lining in the
back it starts at least 12 inches down from the shoulders look very sexy.
Certain colours go very well with black if the sexy look is desired. Red or
Royal Purple satin lining underneath black lace blouse looks very suggestive.
Find below photographs of sexy black lace saree blouse:
Black scalloped lace detailing on sari blouse with big window neckline
Black Chantilly lace saree blouse back design

Very sexy lace saree blouse with black sequin work
Sophisticated Lace Blouse:
Lace, like A grade quality satin,
reeks of luxury. A Beautifully crafted lace blouse can uplift the status of the
look like very few other material can. However, it has to be done right as it
is very easy to cross the line and become downright tacky if not made right or
the wrong lining material is used or worn with incompatible saree. As I
continuously rant everywhere that I write, keep things simple if you want to
attain a sophisticated look when wearing a saree and you can’t go wrong.  
Metallic Gold sleeveless Lace Saree Blouse
Dusty pale pink high neck halter saree blouse
Sophisticated White saree blouse with lace detailing

Girly Lace Saree Blouse:

Lace is a very playful material
and due to its webbed texture it can be played and matched and contrasted with
various other material in different colours to achieve the desired look. White
lace blouse looks great contrasted with bright coloured lining material to get
the feminine look. If the lining material is satin it looks better due to its
sheen than plain cotton lining material. Sharing pictures of lace blouses that
are very cute and feminine.



Girly White lace blouse with hot pink lining for saree with pearls
Unique printed lace blouse back for saree
Absolutely unique floral printed lace blouse with pale pink saree
Most Beautiful pink lace blouse for saree with see through back
Gold Lace Blouse with red lining and piping

Crochet Lace Saree Blouse:
Crochet lace is a handicraft and
pattern is made with yarn by looping yarn with a hooked needle and these Crochet
laces tend to be very beautiful pieces of lace cloth. Although crochet lace
looks best in white or cream colour, they also look great in other colours.
Crochet lace sarees can be worn to give a very artsy look as well if the blouse
is sleeveless and is worn with a simple cotton saree. 
Pink halter neck crochet saree blouse

Yellow gold Crochet high neck saree blouse with red saree

Dull gold Crochet saree blouse
Ash Crochet Saree Blouse with front opening

Types of Sarees that Look best
with Lace Blouse:
With an intricate lace blouse a
plain one colour chiffon or net saree looks best. Even Gradient shaded or any
other shaded share in chiffon, net or soft georgette or Italian silk looks
great. With some lace blouse, like the crochet retro lace blouse, cotton sarees
look great. The lady can even go crazy on lace by wearing an all lace ensemble
with a lace blouse and lace saree. 

Types of Lace Material used to
make Lace Blouse:
Both sarees and the blouses of
sarees can be made using Chantilly Lace, Guipure lace, Crochet Lace and Needle Lace
among others. Below I have provided photographs of different types of lace for
saree and lace saree blouse to assist you. If you require more information on
lace this website may be useful. 
Chantilly lace for saree blouse
Guipure lace for sarees
Needle lace for saree blouse
Tanning Lace
How to best maintain Lace Saree and lace Saree Blouses:

White lace sarees tend to be susceptible to
yellowing and in order to prevent the lace fabric from yellowing it is advices
to store the pale coloured lace between layers of blue coloured tissues.   

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