Latest Quirky Saree Blouse Designs Making the Ladies Stand Out


Blog about the latest quirky saree blouse style trend.


Oh long gone are the boring days
of women in saree in the traditional style. The attire, saree has evolved
beyond imagination and is not only a get to outfit for weddings and parties or
the sombre office going formal wear. The new generation saree is fun, modern
and best of all easy to wear. The quirky saree which made an entrance reeks of confidence
and shows some bold personality and colours.
What’s cool about these quirky
sarees is its untraditional and usually eccentric prints. These sarees are far
from the floral printed sarees which also made a big comeback in the recent
past. They get their “quirky” title due to their radical prints and mix and
match of different fabric and materials.
Even the way these funky sarees
are worn are quite different from the traditional method. Ladies are donning on
funky printed sarees in many different ways and even if the prints themselves
are not too funky to get the quirky award, the saree blouse or the method of
draping indeed does.
Very smart look achieved with a crisp white collared shirt and a checkered printed green saree
Navy blue tie die saree with collared blouse


Printed collared shirt style blouse worn with saree and a belt
smart saree blouse in shirt stype with proper collar


cute peter pan style rounded collar with quirky printed saree with lipstick


orange saree with pointed collared shirt style blouse
Who says blazer or suit jacket
are only for western formal wear as ladies are rocking in sarees with a blazer
or jacket on top.  Sharing below 7 photographs of strong women rocking their blazers or jackets with their sarees.

This is quite the power look she has achieved with a very sombre looking cropped navy blue jacket with a formal saree .

Even Sonam Kapoor is not far behind the trending quirky saree style. She has wowed the Cannes Film Festival wearing a mixture of
traditional and vintage saree. She looks stunning wearing this decidedly
white and gold creation which was designed by Anamika Khanna. this saree
look is especially special due to the gorgeous and unique  trailing
baroque-effect jacket.

Sonam Kapoor wearing offwhite lace saree with vintage oozing long jacket
Sonam Kapoor flaunting her vintage long jacket in offwhite and bronze
Dark blue printed saree paired with a lighter blue jacket of the same print in a light material.


Beautiful off white saree with dark pink embroidery paired with a very smart long coat with embroidery.


classic cotton saree with short cropped jacket


This saree style is a mixture of peeking sexiness and boardroom sombre. A very unusual  white and gold saree design with jacket by Vikram Phadnis which is paired with a bikini blouse and a tailored saree jacket.

Sharing one of my favourite jacket style with saree so far. This navy blue velvet jacket with embroidered paired with a georgette white saree is absolutely stunning. The maroon detailing at the cuff of the jacket sleeves and contrasting maroon inside lining is done beautifully. The entire saree blouse has a very regal feel to it and at the same time has a very “Pirate” feel to it.

Blue velvet jacket with white saree


Unique gold sating saree with a very long floor touch jacket in black and gold embroidery.

  Quirky Printed Sarees

Sharing below 10 photos of sarees are are bold in colours and very interesting in terms of their prints.
Deep Turquoise saree with printed toys on the blouse and saree


black saree with very bring coloured prints on pallu


Yes airplane printed saree on fashion show


Quirky but smart yellow saree with multi coloured blouse with collared neck


adorable multi coloured blouse with plain blue saree.
Multi coloured Pie Chart pattered saree


Satya Paul’s cassette player printed saree
Regina wearing a unique ash saree with measuring tape saree border with sleeveless blouse
Quirky measuring tape style saree border on ash saree


bring colours and bold prints all unique in this quirky eccentric saree


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