5 Unique Must Have Saree Blouse Styles

5 Unique Must Have Saree Blouse Styles 
I am a saree devotee and unlike many people I don’t mind
sharing, rather I want all my ladies to dress smart, sharp and walk hand in
hand with the latest trend. So what makes me write today? Oh well, the wedding
season may be near over but that shouldn’t stop us from being up-to-date with
the latest trend in saree blouse fashion world. So today I will be sharing with
my fans 5 unique must have saree blouse styles and to be honest some of them
are downright mind boggling. So sharing these latest 5 unique must have saree
blouse styles in no particular order. I do have one which is my most favourite
at the moment (will let you know as the post progresses).  

1 # Kutch Work Embroidered Saree Blouse Style

Yes, we have all worn kutch embroidered clothes in our
childhood. I distinctly remember having a black kameez suit which had kutch
embroidery on the upper torso which my mom embroidered herself using bold
oranges, greens and blues. That really is the fun part about kutch work, they
are fun and bold and very eye catching. Recently, this Gujrati style
embroidery, namely kutch work stitch, has made an entrance in the saree
fashion, especially wedding events such as holud or haldi and mehedi or mehendi
event. These blouses are indeed a must have as they can be worn with many
different types of sarees and having one of these in the wardrobe is a good
investment for even the future. They look great with both transparent chiffons
and traditional cottons. Check out these awesome pictures of kutch work
embroidered saree blouse designs and get yours too.
Colourful  kutch work embroidered saree blouse style images

green and mustard yellow kutch work blouse for saree. This is Rajistani embroidery

multi colour rajistani kutch embroidery on blouse for saree

2 # Pearl Encrusted Saree Blouse Style

Kutch work was fun to view right? Well no let’s get to know
our sophisticated lady here, the beautiful pearl covered blouse style. This
style is definitely for a very stylish and sophisticated lady which would be
perfect for wedding functions and any other grand parties. Since the pearl
encrusted blouse style itself is so heavy and gorgeous, it is best worn with
light weight sarees with a simple ribbon border. Sharing some latest pearl blouse
designs for sarees. 
Gorgeous full coverage pearl work blouse with plain green chiffon saree with simple border

Gorgeous Pink blouse with pearl designs for saree

White and gold pearl work on saree blouse

sleeveless circle pattern pearl work on blouse with hot pink saree with big pearl border

3 # Front Zipper Style Saree Blouse Design

Okay, if pearly was too mature
and demure for any of my ladies, now is the time to shake up a bit and pay
attention. Remember, at the beginning it was mentioned that one particular
style in saree blouse caught my attention more than the others, well this is
the one! The front zipper saree blouse style is indeed one of the most trendy
and “cool” saree blouses that has been invented in the recent past. It is
indeed one of my favourite unique must have saree blouse styles. It is so edgy
and absolutely perfect for the young women who loves to mix a bit of tradition
with hip-hop so to speak. The front zipper style has not just made an appearance
only in the saree scene but also in salwar kameez fashion as well as lehengas.
Find below some awesome pictures of front zipper style saree blouse to stay
fashionable and trendy.     
Sonam Kapoor always at the front of trend wearing a gold saree with maroon blouse with zipper at the front of the blouse
New latest style in saree blouse the zipper front blouse design image in hot pink

Gorgeous full blouse embroidery with gold zipper front opening
Latest Saree blouse style – Gold Zipper front on all over geometric patterned gold sequin work.

Printed blouse with band collar and front zipper

2016 latest zipper style saree blouse with high neck

Deepika also wearing front zipper saree blouse

 4 # Mirror Work Saree Blouse Style

Mirror work saree blouse style is here to stay for sure. I
have already dedicated one entire blog post on this style of saree blouse which
is very beautiful to look as and perfect for wearing at parties and weddings.
Mirror work blouses are very feminine and captures the true essence of parties.
Just take a look at these gorgeous pictures of mirror work saree blouse
elegant black blouse with all over mirrors with off white saree with simple black border and mirror lines

Rust red chiffon saree with matching silk blouse with mirror design and foam cups

multi colour embroidery on shoulder strap and mirror work on sleeveless designer blouse for saree
Classy combination of maroon saree with beige blouse with foam cup setting and scattered mirror design on top

Gorgeous mirror work with sequin design blouse with red chiffon saree

5 # Printed Saree Blouse Style

Another style of blouse which is
very refreshing and uplifting is the entrée of the printed saree blouse designs
in the scene. We have experimented with printed sarees for years, this is the
time to explore printed terrains on the saree blouse. There is absolutely no
end to the options when it comes to picking the blouse print. However, for guidance
and beginners, floral printed saree blouses are a must have. Check out some
beautiful blouses made with printed fabric.  
Black full sleeve floral print blouse with red silk saree

latest blouj style

I completely agree with this that one should wear the saree the way they want with the blouse they want

Floral printed blouse for saree

Pastel coloured blouse with coral flowers for sari

Printed blouse with traditional white saree

Printed saree blouse with cotton cota saree with hot pink border
floral printed sleeveless blouse for sari

Very unique painting like printed blouse for the girl who
likes to look out of the box
I guess I am done for today. Do let me know what you think
of these 5 unique must have saree blouse styles.

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  1. I love the last 2 designs.

    • Thanks Subha for stopping by on my blog on saree blouse designs. Indeed those two blouses are very pretty and especially the last one is my favourite and it’s very artistic too.

  2. superb designs

  3. Hey, I chose a candy pink (light pink) saree with gold border (not too bright gold, but isn’t dull gold either) for my farewell party. Can you suggest if I can go for a gold Blouse or should I stick to the material given with saree?

  4. Also, is there someplace I can buy your work?

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