South Indian Actress & Model Kajal Agarwal in Saree

Tamil Film Actress Kajal Agarwal in Saree
 I have
been hearing a lot of hype over Tamil and Telugu films and that there is a wide
range of viewers of such films all over the world and a lot of focus on the
South Indian actresses and models. That is why I took it upon myself to do a
little research and narrowed down to one of the popular model and actress who
goes by the name Kajal Aggarwal. She was born in 1985 and has been acting and
modelling since 2004. Despite being a resident of Bombay Kajal Aggarwal has
gained her popularity doing Tamil and Telugu films. It is noteworthy to mention
here that she is one of the top actresses in Tollywood and also bagging one of
the highest paid cheques for that too. It would be unfair to her to not mention
that she also did act in a handful of hindi movies as well. However, as
incidental to Tamil and telugu film industry she endorses a number of retail
saree stores and gold jewellery stores in South India. Anyone who is from South
India or loves South Indian culture would know how important both South Indian
Sarees and gold jewellery is.    

No matter how hot
Kajal Agarwal looks in western hot pants fans still love her in Indian saree
model and actress with an adorable face, referred by many fans as the “angel
face” has indeed captured the hearts of many fans and no matter how modern and
sexy she may look in western clothes, her fans love seeing her in traditional Tamil
and telugu look in sarees and gold jewellery. And indeed she does not
disappoint her fans as she continuously appears in public wearing beautiful silk
sarees and also in chiffons and satins.Therefore, without further ado, let’s
view some gorgeous photographs of Kajal Aggarwal in traditional South Indian
silk. Find below 30
+ photos of actress and model Kajal Agarwal in Indian Saree.

Photos of Kajal
Agarwal looking Beautiful in Traditional Silk Sarees

Sharing Kajal in
traditional Indian Silk and do pay heed to her beautifully stitched blouses.
Kajal Agarwal loves to pair her Silk Sarees with goti sleeve or puffed sleeve
saree blouses and I must say she does look adorable in those blouses. As not
everyone can pull of a puffed sleeve blouse as well as she does.

Kajal in
traditional Indian Silk with short sleeve blouse

Offwhite and maroon
border saree with deep red blouse with big deep blouse back neck

Agarwal looking cute in Magenta South Silk Sari with gold goti sleeve blouse

Again Kajal Agarwal
wearing a goti sleeve / puffed sleeve blouse in magenta purple colour with blue
and purple katan silk saree

Yellow silk saree
with green blouj. Kajal on a swing with marigold flower decoration 

Kajal Agarwal
endorsing a saree shop in South India

Magenta silk saree with blue blouse

Short unique sleeve

Gorgeous Green silk
saree with green blouse and magenta sleeves

Iakat Silk Saree in
yellow and ash paired with a sleeveless blouse in silver

Kajal Agarwal
wearing South Indian Gold bridal jewellery and ash silk saree

Traditional Gold
necklace with saree

Two Tone Saree

 Photos of Kajal
Aggarwal looking Hot and Sexy in Sarees

Although Kajal Aggarwal looks absolutely traditionally beautiful and gorgeous
when wearing South Indian Silk sarees, there is something else about her when
she dons on a sexy transparent chiffon saree which is trendy and modern. 
Hot and sexy actress Kajal Agarwal in green and yellow saree with navel showing
looking sexy in half and half saree in parrot green and yellow

green saree blouse with polo neck

Tamil Actress Kajal
in Black Lace Blouse full sleeve with Bright Red Saree

Sexy back picture
of South Indian Kajal with backless saree blouse

Looking cute in saree

green blouse with nude saree

Sleeveless trendy
sareeblouse with black saree

picture of Kajal Aggarwal in black and ash saree with sequin covered Spghetti
sleeve blouse

Looking traditional and sober in navy blue designer saree

Sophisticated in pale pink saree with gorgeous and unique high neck blouse

saree photo

Sleeveless yellow blouse photo

Kajal Agarwal looks
very nice with navel out in saree picture

outdoor saree shoot

is looking very sophisticated in red chiffon saree with embroidered red saree

Orange Saree with
gold sequins sari blouse

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