Cape Your Way Out of Traditional Saree Style


Who said capes are only for superheros and ladies of the old world wearing gowns and winter capes? Capes can be paired with  sarees too; transforming the idea of traditional way of wearing the saree which is usually with blouse and petticoat and occasionally with a shawl in the winter. Both Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor has been seen on numerous occasion wearing cape with their sarees and pulling off an elegant look.

What is the cape which is worn with sarees?

Unlike the capes of the western world, the capes worn with sarees tend to be shorter, covering just the bosom and usually circular with either an opening at the front tied together with a broach or button or without any slit or opening in the front with only a neck. Capes for sarees can either be matching in colour and design with saree paired with or be completely in contrast with the saree, depending on the desire of the wearer.

Smart or Elegant?

Whether the wearer wants to pull off a smart and chic look or be an elegant beauty is entirely upto the occasion and whim of the lady wearing it.

How to look sassy and chic in a cape:

The key to looking modern and fashionable in a cape is to bring some external element to the cape which is not directly present in the saree itself. Therefore, a cape made of small pearls or beads or even metal chains would definitely give a sassy edge to the saree even if those elements are not present in the saree. To look smart and chic in a saree with cape, I am sharing some ideas below of cape designs which will give you an idea of how to pull off that look without looking tacky or gaudy.


Photograph of a plain blue satin saree paired with a very sexy beaded cape:




Unusual, to even Bizarre to some, cape styles:

The best part about these capes are that there are no written on stone rules about what can be and what can’t be (except for a few while I shall write below as a guidance). Therefore, a daring woman can don up an exquisite feather cape and easily blend in a Gatsby themed party or rest on her shoulders some bling bling cape. To be honest, there are no limits and these unusual cape styles can really amp up the look.


Metallic capes or stone embellished capes would look very alluring with both plain chiffon sarees of one solid colour or shaded chiffon or net saree.


How to up the sophistication with a cape on saree:

Matching the colour scheme and embellishment style of the saree in the cape is the easiest way to take the sophistication a nod above the average. The best colours to pick from the colour spectrum to look sophisticated and classy are, as I have mentioned in numerous other posts, pastel colours and nudes, whether it be pale greens or beige or gold. Sharing some beautiful cape photographs below give an idea of how to look sublimely elegant in cape with saree.


pale dusty blue saree with elegant cape
pale dusty blue saree with elegant cape

Off white saree with cape style blouse

white saree with cape

A similar lace or embroidered cape would look fantastic on a saree:

lace cape style
powder pink saree with mirror embellished cape

sophisticated cape with saree

black plain saree with cape

beige saree with round cape with embroidery

Elegance with a Twist:

Look elegant and yet very unique by wearing an embellished cape with pearls and beads.


Wedding attire with cape:

The cape trend did not leave the bridal couture untouched either. Gorgeous bridal attires are also being paired with stunningly embellished capes to bring together an even more beautiful bridal attire.

Gorgeous bride in dust pink cape with maroon border

mehendi outfit with colourful embroidered cape

What to Avoid When Considering Getting a Cape for Saree:

tight cape style

Not too tight:

The cape should not be too tight around the shoulders if the cape is made of fabric. There should be enough room for movement of the arms and of course to avoid looking like an uncomfortable contraption. There should be a natural fall and flow to the cape, which is integral to looking beautiful in a cape saree blouse.

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