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Different Types of Saree Blouse Styles With Photographs

Being an obsessed girl about
anything and everything related to saree, even I cannot provide a comprehensive
exhaustive list of all the different types of saree blouse styles and designs
out there as it is a constantly evolving piece of garment. However, I will
share my knowledge with my girls about all the different types of saree blouse
styles I know of and will keep you updated as I learn of a new one. However, I
will not explore each blouse style in detail here. For detailed writing on the
latest saree blouse designs please keep an eye on both my blog which I try to
update as much as possible and also my facebook page where I share photographs
of the latest eye-candy in saree blouse style that I come across.

Mirror Work Blouse:

Mirror embellished blouses have made a big come back for the wedding season and the ladies love it. Mirror work blouses can instantly transform any simple saree into something gorgeous. If you have a one coloured chiffon saree or any material which is light such as net, georgette or muslin, then opt for a blouse with mirror work and you will look great. For more on mirror blouse check out the blog post on Mirror work saree blouse designs.

pictures of blouses with mirror embellishment for the wedding season

Bow Knot Blouse:

To attain the feminine
look there is nothing quite like the bow backed blouse. There are many ways in
which the bow can be incorporated into the blouse. Although the most widely
used way is to use the bow to tie the blouse together at the back. However,
there are other unique ways to wear the bow on the saree blouse. To learn more
glance through my detailed blog post: Fancy Flaunting in Flirty Femininity: TheTail of the Bow Backed Saree Blouse Style.

Bow back saree blouse designs pictures

Basic Ready Made Blouse:

We all have a few of these basic
cotton ready-made blouse with short 6 / 7 inches length sleeved blouse with a
very basic small round blouse back. These blouses come in handy when there is a
saree but there is no time to have the blouse tailor made. 
plain simple basic cotton ready made saree blouse in red with black saree

Sleeveless Saree Blouse:

Like the basic blouse, a
sleeveless black blouse can be found in many of the fashion conscious and artsy
type ladies’ wardrobe. The western world has their little black dress that they
don on when all else is somehow not doing the job, well we have our little
black sleeveless blouse which can be worn with almost all types of sarees when
needed. These blouses look sexy if you want it to, they can look sophisticated
if that’s the look you want and they can give out a very artsy creative vibe if
worn with cotton saree. And it is not necessary for sleeveless blouses to be only in black as they look great in almost all colours.
Kajol wearing simple hot pink sleeveless blouse with off white saree
Simple Black velvet sleeveless blouse with pink net saree
Clean and neat sleeveless saree blouj

Halter Neck Saree Blouse Styles:

These are a bit on the daring
side and looks best when worn with a chiffon saree or anything a bit trendy.
Halter saree blouses look best on fit women with toned arms and shoulders.Bollywood actresses like Ashwariya, Bipasha Basu and Karishma Kapoor are known to prefer the halter neck saree blouse design and they wear it very nicely due to their well toned bodies.
Ashwariya in hot pink sequin halter neck sari blouse

Bipasha basu looking hot in hot pink halter neck blouse with orange net saree with gold zari work
Karishma Kapoor in teal velvet halter neck saree blouse style

Full sleeve Saree blouse:

Since blouses have evolved from its basic structure varied
sizes and shapes of blouses have sprouted and one of them is the full sleeved
blouse which is here to stay. Full sleeve blouses for saris are great for
winter and also where the wearer wants to show off their sleeves. Full sleeve
blouse can be of many types:

  • a)    Fullsleeve Saree blouse for Conservative ladies: Although sarees are generally a
    bit revealing due to the fact that there is a peeking tummy here and revealed neckline
    there and a deep décolletage at the front. Still it would be wrong to think
    that saree cannot be worn by the conservative ladies. That is where the full
    sleeves come to play. Many wear the full sleeve blouse to cover their arms for
    religious or social reasons which gives them the benefit of still wearing the
    saree while maintaining their personal preference with regard to decorum.
    Paired together with a high neck blouse and longer length blouse itself (to
    cover the stomach), even the most conservative lady can feel comfortable in a
    saree while still fulfilling their desire to wear the saree. 
Conservative full sleeve saree blouse with hijab
Modest full sleeve saree blouse design

Woman in hijab wearing full sleeve saree blouse in royal blue
  • b)     Full
    sleeve sari blouse to show-off the sleeve design: Now a days saree blouses have
    such gorgeous embroidery and embellishment on the sleeves that it would be a
    pity to wear shorter sleeves and not properly flaunt those designs. I can’t
    even imagine a Sabyasaachi designer blouse without those deliciously gaudy
    sleeve embroidery. 

Ashwariya in Sabyasachi designer saree blouse with full sleeve embroidery

full sleeve black blouse with gradient shaded pink saree
Red saree with zari embroidery full sleeve blouse

Rust red blouse with full arm embroidery

Stunning and Gorgeously embellished full sleeve blouse with off white saree with black border

    Translucent chiffon sleeved saree blouse in navy blue
  • c)    Saree Blouse with Transparent Full Sleeves: It is
    a misconception to think that full sleeve blouse cannot be sexy. Some of my
    favourite blouse designs have full sleeves and they are sexy as anything. Still
    can’t imagine a full sleeve blouse to be saucy? Well then imagine translucent chiffon
    sleeve snugly hugging a shapely arm in pastel colours like beige, nude, taupe,
    white, ash, etc. Now imagine some feminine subtle embellishments on those
    flimsy sleeves like scattered stones or sequins.    

Kareena Kapoor in beige saree with silver work with full sleeve transparent blouse
Katan saree in pink colour with transparent sleeved blouse

Puffed Sleeve Blouse known as Goti sleeve:

Puffed sleeved blouses look best
with traditional sarees like katan, benarasi and cotton. This type of sleeves
look great on kids. On the upside blouses with goti sleeve look absolutely
adorable but on the down side this type of sleeve tend to make the wearer look
a bit chubby, i.e. it adds on weight visually for the fluffy sleeves. Best to
be worn by ladies is slender arms. One advice though, avoid wearing this type
of blouse with chiffons, nets and all kinds of modern and trendy saris. 


Royal maroon puffed sleeve blouse for traditional look

Hot pink puffed sleeved south Indian blouse

Pretty Turquoise katan saree with goti sleeve or puff sleeve sari blouj

Puff sleeve blouse with green silk saree

I try to constantly update this page with the latest as well as traditional saree blouse designs to keep my readers abreast with all kinds of saree blouse designs