Traditional Saree Blouse

Photograph Collage of women from different era in Saree 

 What Does Traditional Saree Mean To The Current
Saree is
undoubtedly one of the few pieces of unstitched garments which survived
throughout history and still successfully striving in the present 21st
millennium. With the advent of myriad fabrics in the past few decades, the 6
yards long garment called saree, has undergone drastic changes too. There was
once a time when sarees were only made of cotton and came in very basic earthly
colours dyed with natural colours. Even though traditionally sarees were made
of cotton, nowadays when one thinks about traditional sarees, it is the silk
katan sarees and benarasi sarees that come to mind. And the original traditional
saree which is the cotton saree is referred to as the go-to saree when thinking
of pulling off a Bengali look or artsy look.

Photographs of
beautiful traditional sarees:

Catherine Tresa looking Serenely Beautiful in rust red saree with zari work all over
Picture of a very beautiful parrot green saree
Maroon and gold sari
Rust red and gold saree
As the genre of
silk based sarees are deemed to qualify as traditional sarees, these silk katan
sarees, benarasi sarees, kanjivaran sarees, south Indian sarees are worn
whenever traditional attire is required to be worn by the women of India,
Bangladesh, Srilanka and Pakistan. The saree has evolved in colour and pattern
and design through time but one thing remained constant, its unstitched length.

Types Of Blouse Should Be Worn With Traditional Sarees Like Katan And Benarasi?
Although the
blouse itself was not part of the origins of saree as sarees were for thousands
of years worn without any blouse or petticoat, the modern era and proper
decorum required for the invention of blouse. Now blouse plays a major role in
enhancing the beauty and entire look of the person wearing the saree. Saree
blouses are picked and designed with much thought, as it should be.
So what type of
blouse looks best with katan sarees or any other traditional sarees is the
question on many women’s minds. The core of the matter is whether the lady
wants to adhere to the traditional look or give a twist to the look. Both are
possible and both can be sophisticated. 
Traditional Look
for Katan Saree:
The prim and
proper which is the classic look to go for when considering wearing any silk
type saree is to go for arm hugging three quarter blouse which ends right
between the elbow joint as the Indian actress Rekha used to wear in her days.
With this fetching length of blouse sleeve either deep and wide blouse necks at
the back can be worn or even sterner looking high collared blouse at the back. To achieve the classic traditional look in saree three quarter sleeve of any length looks great. 

Red and white traditional saree with deep red blouse
Rani Mukherjee in perfect three quarter length sleeved saree blouse in offwhite and gold

Photograph of beautiful deep pink silk saree with gold thick zari border

Kangana looking stunning in traditional emerald green katan saree with black blouse having three quarter sleeves
Bridal Hot pink and green Banarasi Katan saree with three quarter sleeves
these traditional katan sarees can be paired with a very retro and sexy style
of blouse which is the magi sleeved (cap sleeve) boat neck sari blouse of the
1960s. Boat neck tops can also be worn with sleeveless blouse.   

Gold Satin Sari Blouse
Sophisticated Black Saree with sleeveless black blouse with boat neckline
Boat Neck Sarie blouse
Modern Twist To The Traditional Look:
I keep saying
how versatile saree is and every time I am pleasantly surprised by the
different styles in which sari blouse can be worn. Sarees like katan saree,
benarasi, kanjivaram, etc. can all be worn with very modern and sexy blouses
too. These saris can be paired with a very sophisticated sleeveless blouse with
a deep round or square neckline. 

Rani Mukherjee wearing Orange benarasi sari
with silver zari work paired with gold sleevele blouse

Sophisticated Ivory Uppada Silk Saree with hot
sleeveless blouse
Sexy sleeveless saree blouse with purple and magenta katan saree
Retro Picture of woman in saree with sleeveless blouse
Old Bollywood Sharimila Tagore in Black Saree with Sleeveless Blouse
Such sarees can
also be worn with fully backless blouses with just a single or multiple strings
tying the blouse at the back. If one wants to wear backless blouse it looks
sexier if the sleeves are three quarter or even full sleeves as it looks more
sophisticated to show some skin and cover some at other parts of the body.
Many ladies like
to wear the saree with short 4 to 5 inch length sleeves but I personally find
that look to be too basic to stand out. If one wants to wear the traditional saree
it is better to do something extraordinary with the blouse design and style.   
Halter neck sari
blouse or spaghetti strap saree blouse styles are also options when it comes to
wearing traditional sarees but I personally find that it’s trying to blend two
very different genres of look together. Halter neck or spaghetti strap blouses
look best with light weight sarees like chiffon or Italian silk sarees. 
If the lady wants to go for a youthful and cute look when wearing benarasi or katan or kanjivran silk saree, wearing the goti sleeve which is also called the puffed sleeve or gathered sleeve is a very great choice to attain that look. Find below photographs of saree blouse with goti sleeves (puffed sleeves).

Beautiful Sky Blue Katan Benarasi saree with puffed sleeved sari blouj
Green and Red Katan Saree with Goti sleeves / Puffed sleeves


Wearing traditional sarees with a simple blouse with short 4 to 5 inch length sleeves is also a very good combination. The sleeves can always be embellished to accentuate. Sometimes simplicity is the most sophisticated.   

Gorgeous Magenta Katan Saree Blouse with Short 4 inch sleeves

 If you want to learn more about saree blouse designs and what type of blouse design to go for then click here for free designer advice.