Gold Sequin Blouse Designs For Sarees

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What are the first three blouses that you should invest in? Amongst the three must have blouses, the gold sequin blouse designs for sarees will hold a forever place. The other two are an all purpose simple black blouse and an all purpose red blouse. These three blouses will save you in one of those rainy days when you do not have a matching blouse stitched and sitting in your wardrobe to wear with. With these three blouses you will be prepared to drape any saree that comes your way regardless of whether or not you have a matching blouse.

Today I will share with you everything you need to know about a gorgeous all purpose party gold sequin blouse. Back in the early 2000’s the must have gold saree blouse used to be the gold tissue fabric blouse which was a bit shimmery. Then sequins entered the markets as a game changer when it became widely available. Thereby the gold tissue saree blouse was upgraded for the gold sequin blouse which is more suitable for parties to add that extra glamour. 

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Why Are Gold Sequin Blouse Designs a Must Have?

Most dazzling party sarees have gold designs in the form of either embroidery, zardozi work, sequin work or gold zari work. For that reason, gold sequin blouses can easily be paired with most party sarees. You cannot always have ready to wear stitched blouse for every saree in your closet due to time constraint. So in times like that a jaw dropping gold sequin blouse can come in handy as most sarees have gold work on it. Another amazing thing about gold sequin is that it looks great in many different styles from revealing sexy blouses to demure full sleeve blouses. There is something for everyone.

How to Look Sexy in Gold Sequin Blouse Designs?

If you want to look sexy in sequin blouse then keep the following tips in mind:

  • Choose a plain but good quality saree like chiffon, soft georgette or net. The saree can be either solid one colour or gradient / shaded.
  • You can choose a sequin blouse with sexy back neck design like shown in the image below (top right picture). Alternatively, you can choose a big and deep back neck design.
  • Make sure to pick a sexy sleeve design like off-shoulder, sleeveless or halter neck.
  • Make sure the blouse has proper cups sewn to give proper support and create the best silhouette for the saree look.
  • Ensure that the sequin blouse is made to your measurements. If your sequin blouse is loose then it will look the opposite of sexy. A well sewn blouse is must. It must fit like a glove or else it can make you look bulky.
image of gold sequin blouse designs for sarees

How to Look Sophisticated in Sequin Blouse?

It is easier to look hot and sexy than sophisticated. Anyone can look hot by wearing a well fitted skimpy blouse and a transparent saree. However, to look sophisticated, you must take more care. If you want to look classy and sophisticated then pick a sleeveless blouse with broader strap than opting for a more narrow shoulder strap. Or you can wear a capped sleeve sequin blouse. You have to make sure that the opening of the blouse is seamlessly tailored. Best to use seamless zipper on the side of the blouse. Alternatively, if you want an opening at the back you can use tassels to hide the hook area.

What About Neck Design?

Neat necklines look more polished than big wide necklines. If you must have a deep neckline then choose either the front or the back but never both. Boat necklines look particularly posh with sequin blouses.

Sarees that look more sophisticated with sequin blouses are organza, chiffon, soft georgette and tissue. Avoid plain net sarees. You can wear net saree only if it has sober embellishment on it that goes well with the sequin blouse.

Images of sleeveless and capped sleeve blouse
Sleeveless (Top) and Capped Sleeve Gold Sequin Blouse Designs. Image Source - Swati Manish
gold sequin blouse for saree
Gorgeous three quarter sleeve sequin encrusted blouse. Image Courtesy - laksyah

Does Full Sleeve Sequin Blouse Look Good?

Full sleeve sequin blouses look great depending on what you are wearing it with and how you are wearing it. As sequin is a very dazzling element, it is always easier to work with it in small sections like a blouse with short sleeve. The reason being, full sleeves will display a big chunk of sequin fabric all at once and it can easily look gaudy. The best way to wear a full sleeve sequin blouse is to pair it with a plain saree like chiffon, satin and georgette. You can also wear it with a heavy saree if the blouse and saree match and has matte sequin work on it.

Gold Sequin Blouse Designs for Sarees

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