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Let’s talk about saree blouse design back today. If you have read my other posts then you know by now how fussy I am when it comes to the finishing of the blouse. In this regard, having the opening of the blouse at the back is either a hit or mostly miss affair. This is because it is so easy to ruin the look of the blouse if the hooks or buttons or zippers at the back are not seamlessly done. For this reason I am dedicating this post to fully explore the ways in which to have the blouse opening at the back without making it look clumsy or downright ugly. You will see in the latest tabloids that back openings with buttons are quite the “In” thing now. So why would I deny my beloved readers a few tricks and tops regarding this trending saree blouse design back.

Saree blouse design back the button affair

Saree Blouse Design Back With Buttons Is The Rave This Season 

The trend of saree blouse design back with buttons has been incorporated by the famous designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee. So what else needs to be said to convince you that you need to get on this band wagon. Who would not want to wear a blouse this intricately feminine? Potli buttons are basically fabric covered small ball like buttons filled with fabric and sometimes plastic balls. These buttons are exquisite and adds a certain classiness to the blouse if it is neatly made. 

What Type of Blouse Backs Look Best With Buttons?

Now let’s take a look into the types of saree blouse back designs look best with buttons.

Curtained Back Blouses

Curtained back saree blouse style is a very beautiful type of blouse back designs and a personal favourite. So what is the curtained back you might wonder. Well, it has been referred to as the sheer back saree blouse and that reference is more popular. This saree blouse is very womanly and sensuous as it reveals and at the same hides. It’s sensuous and yet this type of blouse does not fall within the ambit of vulgar. If you are looking for a blouse style that is feminine and beautiful then this type of curtained back saree blouse with fabric buttons will do the trick. See image below to see just how pretty this design is.   

Back Design For A Fun Youthful Look

Back buttoned blouses are not just womanly, they can be customized to look very girly too. If you are looking for a girly and bubbly look then that can be done with buttons as well. For a fun festive look funky buttons or colourful buttons can be added at the back and you can pair it with a soft chiffon printed saree or French crepe floral printed saree.

Buttons also look very sexy and youthful on racer back neckline blouses. If you have great shoulders and arms then by all means go for this look.

Image of purple blouse with racer neckline

Can Saree Blouse Back With Buttons Be Worn With Traditional Sarees?

Yes you can wear saree blouse back with buttons with any kind of traditional sarees like silk, kanjivaram, benarasi, chanderi or katan sarees. In fact, this button style blouse back look very aesthetically pleasing on bridal traditional silk sarees as well. You can have a dense line of silk buttons at the back and your blouse will look very elegant and classy. You can also wear any of these traditional sarees with a brocade blouse with buttons at the back.

Traditional saree blouse back with buttons
Brocade blouse images

Minimalistic Button For Saree Blouse Back Design

If you are more into subtle accents rather than going full on bonanza with buttons then the minimalistic button look is for you. Instead of an entire row of 15 to 20 buttons, you can go for one to three buttons to act as a subtle accent design element. These buttons can be as tiny or big as you want it to be.

woman in blouse with buttons

Pearl Buttons for Blouse Back

You know the button back trend is not restrictive to only fabric or plastic. Blouses look fantastic with pearl buttons especially on soft pastel coloured blouses and sarees. Srilankan brides are known for using pearl buttons for their wedding sarees and I find that look fascinating.

Saree Blouse Back With Pearl Buttons
Tips and Tricks on Saree Blouse Design Back With Buttons

Although the buttons are at the back you do not necessarily need to have the blouse opening at the back. You can use show buttons but have the opening either at the front or the side. This way the buttons will have a neater look without gaps showing skin. However, I want you to remember that if the saree is transparent then try to avoid giving blouse opening in the front as it looks clumsy. Instead have the opening on the side with a conceal zipper. This was you can have show buttons for decor purpose at the back without having them actually open.


This blog post was written by Karishma of sareeblousedesignsdotorg

Always remember that the fantastic thing about sarees is that it is versatile and always ready to match any new trend. Just decide on the look you want and there shall always be a way to execute it. Any confusion just message me in the comments section.  

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