Black Saree Blouse Designs


Today I am writing about a colour that is loved by millions all over the world. Yes I am talking about the colour black and in particular black saree blouse designs. If you wear the saree then I am sure you have at least one black saree. Black sarees come in handy for many different types of events starting from weddings to house parties to office wear to formal wear.  

Pink was the new black once. Orange was the new black yesterday. Nevertheless black shall always remain the black and a colour that is multipurpose. You can pair black up with almost other colour. Today you will learn all about different types of black saree blouse designs. Here you will find the best and most varied collection of images of black saree blouse designs for inspiration.

Black Saree Blouse Designs

Different Types of Black Saree Blouse Designs 

Just like there are endless creations of new saree materials and designs, there are variety of blouse styles and trends to choose from. Let us explore different types of black saree blouses below.

Basic Black Blouse

Every saree wearing woman must have a basic black blouse even if she doesn’t have a black saree. This is because you can wear a simple black blouse with many different sarees when you do not have a matching blouse to go with it. These basic solid black saree blouses can be paired with almost any kind of saree when all other blouses fail. So it is best to keep a simple plain black blouse with short capped sleeve or sexy sleeveless blouse in your collection. You can pick any type of fabric for this type of blouse but usually women go with soft voile or cotton fabric. You can wear this type of blouse on a regular basis for work, home and regular outings.

basic black blouse

Halter Black Saree Blouse

For the physically fit ladies, black saree blouses with halter necks look extremely appealing. You can wear these types of halter saree blouses with many types of sarees, whether it be a simple cotton saree or traditional katan sarees and even with printed chiffons. You can show off your beautiful shoulders and arms with this type of blouse. Half of the back from the nape down below is open in halter necks. So if you have a tattoo on your shoulder or upper back then you should definitely wear this blouse to beautifully show that tat.

Simple black halter blouse for saree

Different Types of Black Halter Neck Saree Blouse

It is not necessary to only have halter neck in plain fabric. There are many different styles of black embellished fabrics to choose from. You can make halter blouse with silk, satin, brocade and printed fabric. You can also make halter blouse with sequin, beads, zardouzi or embroidery work on the fabric. You can wear these heavy halter blouses at weddings and other parties to jazz up the look.

Satin Halter Neck Blouse

Take a look at this beautiful satin halter neck blouse that actress Amisha Patel wore. She is looking absolutely stunning in a satin halter neck saree blouse made in the western style. Most halter necked blouses for sarees have their straps attached to the outer edge of the blouse torso. But here the style of halter neck that Amisha Patel is wearing with this beautiful lace saree has the straps sprouting from the inner edges of the neckline, making the whole attire look superb!

Actress Amisha Patel in sexy black halter

Black  Saree Blouse Designs With Sequin Fabric

 If you are thinking what type of black blouse to wear at parties, then you should consider getting an all black sequin blouse. Just like the simple black blouse above, this sequin blouse will come in handy as it can be worn with many different types of party sarees. The sequin blouse can be of any style including sleeveless, halter, capped sleeve, three quarter sleeve and even full sleeve.

Sequin work black saree blouses

Gorgeous Designer Saree Blouse for Parties and Weddings

Black Blouses create the perfect cushion for gorgeous sarees with zardousi work, zari work, embroideries and sequin work. Black blouses with golden or bronze embellishments look fantastic as it is a match made in heaven.

black and gold blouse
Photo Credit: House of Blouse
image of party saree blouses

Off-Shoulder Black Blouse

Another beautiful and charming blouse design is the off-shoulder blouse. This type of blouse is a recent addition in the saree fashion world. I personally find the off-shoulder look very feminine. They can have either short sleeves or long sleeves and both the lengths look amazing. You can even have a plunge neckline with this type of blouse. Even famous Bangladeshi actress Joya Ahsan wore the off-shoulder blouse and looked lovely.

Actress Joya Ahsan in off shoulder blouse
Long Sleeve off-shoulder Blouse on the left and Actress Joya Ahsan in short Off-shoulder saree blouse

Sheer Black Blouse

If you want your look to be unique and sexy but do not want to reveal too much skin then the sheer blouse is a great option. Sheer blouses can be made with any translucent fabric like chiffon, net, organza and even lace. Any fabric that is semi transparent to transparent will do. Sheer blouses have lining fabric or non-transparent fabric covering the bosom down. The transparent part only shows the skin from the upper torso to the shoulders. On the back you can make it sheer as deep as you want.

Sheer black saree blouse

Long Sleeve Ideas For Black Blouse

Long gone are the days of the boring plain sleeves. Now you can take liberty of all these creative ways to wear three quarter and full sleeves from the images below. A rule of thumb to go by is that revealing necklines look better with longer sleeves and collars and high necks look better with shorter sleeves or sleeveless blouses. This creates a balance in the look. Balloon sleeves or peasant sleeves also look fantastic with a sheer fabric (see image below on the right). 

Black long sleeve blouse ideas for sarees
Different long sleeve ideas. From the left: embroidered with sequin sheer full sleeve blouse; Sheer three quarter sleeve; top right is a sheer full sleeve blouse and bottom right is the latest sheer balloon

Velvet Saree Blouses

I remember in my teen years, the readymade velvet blouses made an entry. Since then it has evolved so much. Now the design options are endless with this lush luxurious fabric called velvet. Black is itself such a gorgeous colour but in velvet it becomes deeper and richer. If you want the blackest black then you must go with a velvet blouse. However, it is best to wear this fabric in the winter as it tends to be thicker.

Black Velvet Blouse

Bow Back Black Blouse

Do you want to give your blouse an extra feminine touch? If yes, then adding a bow at the back of the blouse is a great idea. The bow looks best on a deep wide V neck design as you can see in the pictures below.

image of women in bow back blouse design

All these different black saree blouse designs prove that black blouses are anything but boring. Black blouses can be sexy, demure, cute, feminine or sophisticated as per your requirement. Next time you tailor make a black blouse do make it interesting and fashionable. If you want to learn more about different sleeve styles for saree blouses then check this



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