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NEARLY lost is the ethnic tradition of women wearing sarees to their work in the urban cities. There used to be a time when saree was the usual attire for women in the Southeast Asian region like Bangladesh and India. The ladies during that time had no trouble going about their daily activities wearing this garment made of 6 yards of uncut cloth that we call saree. On the contrary, the main complaint against wearing saree by the trendy modern women of this day and age is the impracticality of sarees in the modern office. Women associate sarees to weddings, parties and religious events only and can no longer regard it as an apparel for daily regular wear. Also, it is a common wrong notion that wearing saree to work or any formal event would attract too much attention and that this attire is not suitable for work or formal events or parties.
Although, this tradition of wearing sarees to office or formal events is nearly lost, it is not completely lost. There are a few niche scattered group of women around this region and even in foreign countries, who still keep that tradition afloat by wearing work sarees either regularly or at least intermittently. And this I admire a lot as a lady in a prim and proper saree as office wear is a classy lady. The simplicity of the “suitable for work sarees” make them extra elegant.  

How to wear saree in corporate world. Picture of women in formal saree wear
So, if I have piqued your interest in the least towards considering wearing sarees to office or work or at least to know more about this, you must have a question like the following question:
What Type of Saree to Wear to Work or Office?
Definitely not a chiffon saree, nor a glitzy embellished saree or anything with too much going on. The best type of sarees to wear to work is the simple kind, such as cottons sarees, basic silk sarees, different variant of cotton and silk sarees generally, printed raw silk sarees and printed or solid coloured faux georgette sarees. Comfort is a major factor in sarees when considering them for regular or long hours of wear to work and with that in mind the above mentioned materials are most suitable for work in terms of both comfort and visual adequacy. 

So What Type of Saree Blouse Should I wear to Work?
The above question must be looming over your head next, or not. In any case, I will still give my two bits of knowledge and wisdom in this regard. Just cause J. Formal sarees for work and formal events or parties look very sophisticated and elegant paired up with serious looking saree blouse with high collared neckline or buttoned up the front neckline with three quarter or full length sleeved saree blouses. To give a better idea of what type of saree blouse to wear with office or formal sarees to work I am sharing some photographs of women wearing sarees suitable for work or office.  
Kajol in Formal official saree with three quarter length saree blouse design
For office wear Black Saree with Magenta border with printed magenta and pink three quarter sari blouse
Simple grey cotton saree with yellow border and very ethnic yellow three quarter sarie blouse
Woman looking sensuous in work wear – office saree
working woman wearing black saree looking very sophisticated
Plain raw silk saree with striped black and white saree blouse
faux georgette blue printed saree for office 

Picture of lady wearing 
Black blouse with 3 quarter sleeve with white cotton saree

Deepika looking sexy in formal saree and very classy saree blouse 

All is Not Gloom When Wearing Saree to Work:
However, don’t get the wrong impression that wearing saree to work equals to boring, dull clothing. Saree is a very exciting attire and something I keep mentioning everywhere I write, is that sarees are versatile and due to this versatility they can be worn to give numerous looks. Wearing saree to work can also be very sexy is a sombre way. Just as well three quarter sleeve saree blouse or full sleeve saree blouse looks great with formal sarees like cotton saree or silk sarees or faux georgette sarees, so does the basic sleeveless saree blouse. Sleeveless saree blouses look fantastic if one wants to achieve the ultimate corporate saree look. However, regard must be had so that spaghetti strapped blouses are not worn at corporate events or office. As long as the sleeveless blouse is kept simple and sometimes even a bit up-tight, the lady wearing it will look elegant and ready to fit in at office or work or any corporate environment. 
 Picture of model looking chic in a simple faux georgette saree and sleeveless hot pink blouse by Andeem, a Bangladeshi fashion house
Lady in lemon green cotton saree with pink border with sleeveless saree blouse
Turquoise cotton saree with check pallu with contrasting lime green striped sleeveless blouse
This is a very chic look with boxed sleeveless black sari blouse with half and half printed georgette saree
Traditional saree for work
Bright orange and black printed faux georgette saree which is suitable for work
Animal printed black silk saree suitable for work and which looks great paired up with black sleeveless saree
Bangladeshi woman wearing Khaddi offwhite saree with orange border paired up with a very sophisticated sleeveless blouse with high band collar neck style.

Short Sleeved Saree Blouse Styles for Work:
Short Sleeved Blouse with 4 inches to 6 inches of sleeve length also look good for office wear, like Kareena Kapoor is wearing in the photograph below in a basic black sari blouse with a plain black saree with dull gold zari border. This saree is perfect for wearing to any business occasion. 
Kareena kapoor in a very simple black cotton saree with dull gold zari border paired up with simple black short sleeved blouj
Banana tree green saree with short sleeved blouj
Classy lady in a saree
Maroon cotton sari

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