Fancy Flaunting in Flirty Femininity: The Tail of the Bow Backed Saree Blouse Style


Photograph collage of Bow Back Blouse styles for saree

 Let’s ruffle up the back of the saree blouse design a bit. A little extra femininity added to the already very womanly attire, saree, can’t possibly harm anyone. The bow backed saree blouse style is indeed one of my favourites, especially when I am yearning for some extra girly sprinkle, if you know what I mean. So, you must already be wondering what all the hype is about this bow backed saree blouse style. Well, if you are not already aware of what they mean, wait no more. The bow backed blouse is not rigid in anyway, except for one point, which is, that there has to be a bow or two at the back of the saree blouse. Remember, darlings, it is not the same as string tied back saree blouse, though that is one very sexy saree blouse style, is a discussion for another day. There is something so delicate about a knot tied with two loops and two loose ends at the back of saree blouses that they look almost delectable, like those novelty cakes.

There are many different styles in which the bow backed blouse can be made and on online pages as well in boutiques they are also sold readymade. There is the classic bow resting at centre of the small of the back of the sari blouse and it can be the point of holding the blouse together (in which case there is no need for the front or side hook or buttons of course) and there can be bow back blouse which just acts as an embellishment or decoration or adornment. Nothing else is required to be mentioned about the bow backed style, let the pictures speak for themselves. Enjoy the photographs of some very feminine saree blouse styles below: 
Pink Glass work Saree Blouse:

Pictured below is an absolutely adorable Barbie pink saree blouse design with neat all over glasswork with a very girly knotted bow tied at the back of the sari blouse. This Pink glasswork blouse can be effortlessly worn with a plain chiffon saree of any colour. Here it is paired with a floral printed georgette saree in muted colours to not overpower the pink.  


Girly Pink blouse with glass work all over with floral printed georgette saree

Here Kareena Kapoor is oozing of retro vibe in a white saree blouse with a flimsy bow tied at the back of the white bra style blouse.

Layered Back Saree Blouse:

It is not necessary to bare the back of the blouse just to have a bow nestling at the small of the back of the sari blouse. This blouse is a perfect mixture of blend of colours and style with a paste curtained back blouse with the bow tied with a black and white printed material at the lower helm of the blouse back.  

Black Chiffon blouse for saree with bow tied at the back

Orange saree blouse with aqua blue velvet bow tied at the back

Kareena looking hot in black blouse with bow knot and hot pink saree

Three pictures of different styles of bow knot saree blouses

Yellow Saree Blouse with Fluffy Bow Tied:
This particular shade of yellow is very eye-catching and with that giant layered fluffy bow on the blouse, looks double so. My suggestion is to keep the saree very simple and plain with this type of loud blouse designs to not end up looking gaudy.

Yellow chiffon saree blouse with fluffy bow

Red Bow Back Saree blouse

Purple fisherwoman’s saree blouse style with knotted back

Cloth ribbon knot bow style blouse with off white saree

Ash Halter Bow Neck Blouse:

One very chic way to wear the Bow is to wear a halter neck saree blouse with a wider width halter tie ribbon like the one below. 

Green Saree Blouse with Big Bow:

Shown below is another iconic bow back Saree blouse worn with a lehenga saree. The Big Bow resting at the nape of the model’s neck looks very pretty especially as it sits above the big geometric window backed blouse neckline. 
Green lehenga saree blouse with big bow and deep neckline

White lehenga saree with full sleeve saree blouse in green

sultry purple saree blouse with full sleevees and magenta saree

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