What Type of Blouse to Pair with Pink Sarees

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What Type of Blouse to Pair with Pink Sarees pinterest graphics

Women Love Sarees

Sarees are a favourite traditional attire amongst South East Asian women no matter where they reside, India, Bangladesh or foreign lands. Even foreign women from different ethnic backgrounds like to experiment with our favourite attire, saree.

Another favourite thing amongst most women is the colour “Pink”. Yet sometimes it gets difficult to choose the right pink saree and even more difficult to still one’s heart on the right saree blouse design to wear with it. This is one dilemma that the women living both abroad and home suffer. That is why I am writing this blog post to help you explore what type of blouse to pair with pink sarees. We will explore all the possibilities with pink sarees with lots of photos depicting how beautiful pink sarees look with different types of blouse designs and colours.

Pink and Black a Killer Combination with Saree & Blouse

Pink is a beautiful feminine colour with infinite potential. Depending on the shade or hue of pink different messages are sent. On the other hand, black is a universal sexy colour and a leader in diversity. A combination of different shades of pink with black is a killer combination in a saree and blouse due to the striking contrast.
Contrast is a great way to spice up a saree look. It is always not necessary to wear matching coloured blouse and neither is it mandatory to wear blouse tailored with the blouse piece given with the saree. Innovation in saree fashion is necessary to stand out in parties and wedding ceremonies. Therefore, black is a great option for blouse to pair with pink saree.
Photo of Pink and Black Saree Blouse

You will see for yourself how strikingly beautiful pink look paired with black.

Find below photo of a beautiful baby pink saree or what can be referred to as a powder pink saree. This saree has silver mirror-work framed by black velvet ribbon border paired with a contrasting black blouse with unique silver and pink floral embroidery  on the two front sides of the blouse. The neckline is kept very simple with a silver ribbon piping which looks fantastic when worn and people confuse it for a perfectly round silver neck rope necklace. The sleeves are sleeveless with silver spike lace designing.

image of pink saree with black embroidered blouse
Stunning Black Floral Embroidered Blouse with Pink Saree
Sheer Blouse to Pair With Pink Saree

Photo of an ultra-feminine and gorgeous peachy pink saree with a unique sheer or transluscent blouse. Broad black thread embroidered border on that sweet shade of pink saree looks just gorgeous. Similar embroidery with black thread is used on the unique saree blouse style with peach pink torso lining material. The three quarter sleeves of the blouse are kept simple and classy in sheer nude chiffon. Definitely a very classy look to go for.   

pinterest image of woman in pink and black saree with sheering matching blouse
Fuchsia Pink Saree

Now look at this photo of the fuchsia pink with black half and half saree with gorgeous dark gold embroidery on black border. The blouse is kept casual and minimalistic in velvet fabric with the only piece of accentuation being the gold shoulder straps. This look is great for parties if you want to look chic.

Image of woman in bright fushcia pink saree and black blouse

Contrast Blouse with Pink Saree

Floral Saree Blouse:

Floral printed blouses or floral embroidered blouses look fetching with plain pink chiffon, organza, net or georgette sarees. See image below of both front and back of a plain hot pink chiffon saree. The sleeveless off white floral embroidered blouse beautifully offsets the brightness of the saree.

Blouse with Satin Silk Saree

Below is a picture of a sultry demure pink satin saree with Chantilly lace saree pallu / achol. It is paired with a gorgeous aqua green velvet sweetheart neckline short corset type blouse. The blouse has sophisticated intricate hand embellishments. You should wear blouses with more detailed work when wearing a plain solid coloured saree.

Woman in solid satin saree with aqua coloured blouse
What Type of Blouse to Pair with Floral Printed Saree?

If your saree is floral printed or any other print for that matter then you can either:

  1. pair it with a solid coloured blouse. This option looks sophisticated and you can’t go wrong with it. It is easy to pull off and you will give a gathered look.
  2. pair it a matching printed blouse. This can seem like a risky choice but I am telling you that this look is in these days. It’s like matching pairs in pant and top sets. Those look amazing.

These are of course not the only two options. In saree blouse there is no limit to your imagination.

Unique Blouse to Pair With Pink Saree

So we saw some of the classic and can’t go wrong routes when it comes to blouses to pair with pink sarees. Now let’s take a look at the off-beat road, rare and unique blouse designs that look eye catching and modern.

quirky blouse for saree saying girl power
Girl Power saree blouse

Matching Pink Blouse with Pink Saree

Matching blouse with saree is not a bad idea and even celebrities love sporting matching coloured saree blouse styles to parties and weddings.
•    Photo below of actress Preitty Zinta attending Shahid Kapoor’s wedding in a hot hot pink saree with a matching pink blouse. The blouse is kept very simple with short sleeves and deep rounded square neckline at the back.
Celebrity Preitty Zinta in matching blouse

•    Photo below of Kareena Kapoor also wearing a matching pink blouse with her shaded net saree in shades of pink (hot pink to cotton candy pink). The border of the saree is white with pink thread embroidery. The blouse is a sleeveless one with narrow shoulder straps.

Kareena Kapoor in matching blouse

•    Katrina Kaif also draped a pretty pink saree with matching pink blouse. This blouse is very beautifully tailored in the Grecian style. A chunky stone broach pinned at the centre of her cleavage completes the look with a bling.

Celebrity Katrina Kaif in hot pink saree

Hope you all enjoyed this blog post about what type of blouse to pair with pink saree. If you have any further queries do write them in the comments section and I will help you.



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