Unleash the Animal within – Trendy Animal Printed Sarees

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Unleash the Animal within – Super Trendy Animal Printed Sarees
Okay this is just my prognosis so bear with me if you can.
What humans say they hate (only in relation to animals) is not because they really despise the animal but rather it stems from their fear of the animal or fear their capabilities to imitate one. Therefore, in my opinion only, I believe those who say animal prints on clothes, bags, shoes, etc. are horrendous and ugly have a fear factor going on somewhere in the subconscious. It is their fear of not being able to carry out the boldness of the animal print. One can’t blanket hate animal printed attire or accessories.
That does not mean there aren’t really cheap looking products in the market that is where the taste factor pops up. I always say, use your better judgement and do not just follow the trend. Be trendy but not a blind trend follower.
Now that I have said that, I personally adore animal printed clothes and bags and many other things. Truly, I find them to be bold and sassy.

Celebrities Love Animal Prints

Looking back at the history of entertainment reveals many fashionable and icon ladies of the world flaunting animal prints. Amongst such ladies are the Italian diva Sophia Loren and the British-American classical Hollywood cinema actress Elizabeth Taylor. One of my favourite writers who write about “femme fetale protagonists” which many refer to as the “trashy romance” genre (which I tell you does not exist in reality and they are just too blinded by their blindfold of prudeness), namely, Jackie Collins used to love sporting in animal prints in all forms. She was a lady who rocked in animal prints like no other.
I am a cat person myself and indeed I am called “Kat” by my friends and it should be no wonder as you get to know me, if at all that is, that I like incorporating the feline element in anything and everything that I do. 
Celebrities in animal printed clothes
These independent and powerful women loved animal prints. From left: Elizabeth Taylor, Jackie Collins and Sophia Loren.

How does animals fit in with saree?

You must be wondering how all this could be relevant to my blog. Well, as I always like to say, saree is an ever evolving garment of the east. It has never fallen behind in any respect and it is no different when it comes to animal prints. Ladies with a weakness for animal prints will agree that it is no different when it comes to sarees.

Sarees being one of the most sensuous attires out there and as versatile as it is, it is no shocker to realize that animal prints would look this fantastic on sarees. You too will agree as you scroll down these images of fashionable animal printed sarees.

Trendy Animal Printed Saree by Designer Satya Paul

Frankly, when one thinks of printed sarees, Satya Paul designer sarees is the first recourse. Naturally it is no different when it comes to animal printed sarees. Satya Paul has forged his way for printed sarees for a long time.
For the untamed hearts Satya Paul created some wild prints. The contrasting animal prints in various colours both muted and bold are experimented in his designer sarees. Celebrities and general public alike love his designer sarees.
Gauri in Satya Paul designer trendy animal printed saree
Gauri looking hot and sexy in Satya Paul Designer Animal printed saree. This saree is for the untamed hearts.

What Type of Saree Blouse to wear with Trendy Animal Printed Saree

How can it be a blog post by me if I’m not talking at least a bit about blouse! The best thing about printed sarees is that very little need be done with the blouse. A basic simple sleeveless blouse or capped sleeve blouse in a matching solid or contrasting colour is all that you will need. As the saree is the real player here and a basic solid background in the form of a blouse is required. However, a lady ready to kill some on-lookers with her looks would definitely spruce up the right look if she donned on a sexy halter neck blouse with it.

Can I Wear Animal Printed Blouse?

Yes of course! One shouldn’t think binary when thinking of animal prints and sarees. It needn’t always be that the saree has to have the animal prints. Just a sexy animal printed blouse with a one toned chiffon saree looks amazing too. To sauce it up a bit, the saree can have a matching animal printed border.

Black big neck saree blouse
you can wear a sexy black blouse back with big neck paired with animal prints in nude colours of brown and beige
Neon Coral coloured saree with trendy animal printed saree blouse
Neon Coral coloured saree with trendy animal printed saree blouse

Animal Print Sarees need not be in only Leopard or Feline Prints

Leopard prints are not the only options in sarees, zebra prints are also very sexy in black and white. Even combination of leopard and zebra looks amazing. 

Trendy Way to Style Animal Printed Saree

One chic way to wear the animal printed saree is to wear it with a belt. Especially a hard metal belt look very trendy.

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post. I for one thoroughly enjoyed sharing with you all. Do leave a comment and share with your friends.



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