5 Must Have Saree Blouses for Dames Abroad

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Today I am writing for my beautiful readers living far away from home. Living abroad where it is not so easy to find the right type of saree blouse designs is though. Through today’s post you will get to know about the 5 must have saree blouses that you need. These 5 blouses will help you wear most of the sarees in your wardrobe with confidence even if you do not have matching blouses made with them.

If you are a dame living abroad in the UK, Europe, Australia, America or Canada or any other foreign country and the craving for wearing saree is insatiable but availability of saree with a matching blouse is the antagonist, then this blog post is just for you.
Although I must say, life has become easy with globalization and the discovery of the Internet. All the amazing online stores bringing the goodies from back home to your doorstep has made life abroad bearable. Still there is nothing like a tailor made saree blouse which fits like a glove. This, no online store can provide.
That is why you, yes you, need to plan ahead of your next trip to your homeland whether it be India or Bangladesh. And if you are lucky enough to still be in your home country when reading this and is about to go abroad to the UK or Canada or any Western Country for either study or job or migrating then breeze through this blog post and get to work. Believe me you will miss wearing saree when abroad and these 5 must have saree blouse designs for women living abroad will save the day so to speak. Of course, 5 saree blouse designs may seem not enough but taking into account that the list of designs is actually non-exhaustive, one needs to draw a boundary and work with an aim in mind. These 5 blouse designs will actually come in handy.
must have saree blouse for girls living abroad
Saree blouse designs

No # 1 Must Have Saree Blouses is a Black Blouse:

Every girl abroad needs one well fitted black blouse. Do yourself a favour and purchase a black Rubia Voile fabric or any premium 100% cotton voile for the most needed all-purpose sari blouse. If you prefer to have a deeper black then you can go for black velvet. Having a simple black blouse which fits perfectly is a must have for every female who loves wearing saree as black is one of the most versatile colours for a blouse when it comes to pairing it with any saree.

What type of saree to wear with a black blouse?

The best part about black blouses is that almost any type of saree can be worn with it at desperate times. Voile black saree blouses look amazing with cotton sarees, Bangladeshi Jamdani sarees, linen sarees, kotta sarees, khaddi sarees, katan silk sarees, etc. They can be worn with both printed and solid or two-toned chiffon sarees. However, it would be prudent to avoid wearing a black cotton blouse with a heavily embellished saree at a wedding party. No one needs to explain to a girl the versatility of the black colour.

What design should the black blouse be?

The no 1 must have saree blouse design is number one for a reason right! The blouse should be very simple and basic. Generally it refers to a simple round neck, V or square neck style blouse with any length of  sleeves. If the lady feels comfortable and has the arms to show-off, she can make her black blouse in sleeveless or halter style. Having a well fitted black blouse is to us what a little black dress is to the Western wardrobe.

4 simple black saree blouses
4 different black blouse designs
gold saree black blouse
Gold shimmery saree
black blouse coral pink saree
black blouse with soft pale coral chiffon saree

No # 2 Must Have Saree Blouses is a Gold Blouse:

A gold blouse is another must have attire standing at no 2. Just like black blouses, the gold saree blouse is also a multipurpose versatile blouse. Decide on a shade of gold which is most common rather than going a bit rust or silver-gold. This gold blouse must be in harmony with those beautiful sarees with gold zari work or plain gold border or even contrast beautifully. This gold blouse can be made of gold shimmery tissue fabric or all over gold sequin work. The latest trend in saree blouse style is the mirror work and thus, mirror encrusted gold blouse is also a great option. In times of crisis, these gold blouses come in handy and is the perfect companion to glam up the entire look.

halter neck gold saree blouse
glamorous gold blouse
Mirror work gold blouse
Beautiful mirror work saree blouse
sequin and embroidery on gold blouse
A must have gold sequin embroidered blouse

No # 3 Must Have Saree Blouse Design is an Off-white or White Blouse:

Scientifically speaking black is a colour that absorbs all colours, while white is a colour devoid of all colours. Therefore, it is no wonder that a white blouse is just as needed  in one’s closet. If you want a classy and serene look then off white or white cotton blouses can help you achieve that. Make the neckline round or square and the sleeve as you like. As long as the blouse fits your body like a glove it will do.

Red saree with white blouse
Red saree with white blouse
Orange chundri saree with white blouse
White blouses can be beautifully paired with bright coloured sarees for a festive look
off white blouse navy blue saree
Off white blouse
White full sleeve blouse grey saree
Unique full puffed sleeve white blouse

No # 4 Must Have Saree Blouse Design is Red Blouse:

The colour red exudes of a hint of something sexy and something bold. So as the colour should the blouse be, sexy and bold. Having a perfect red blouse is mandatory. Here I am talking about pure red, not some orangish tomato red or deep maroonish red, but just pure red. Make the red blouse have a daringly low neckline at the back or make it have halter neck. You can choose the fabric from anything from silk to cotton.

Sleeveless red blouse
Sleeveless red blouse paired with gorgeous saree
Sexy bright red blouse
Plain red blouse with chiffon red saree
Red saree blouse with gold border
Deep neckline red saree blouse with gold border

No # 5 Must Have Saree Blouse Design is a Brocade Katan Blouse:

Last but not least, get yourself a brocade katan blouse please. Brocade blouses can be easily paired with any type of silk katan sarees and look great with plain chiffon sarees too. These brocade blouses look best when the sleeve ends on the bend of the elbow. Brocade blouses look great in black and gold and red and gold. You can choose any other combination which will go well with the sarees in your closet.

Magenta sleeveless brocade blouse for sari
gold and magenta brocade party blouse
Purple brocade blouse
pretty purple brocade saree blouse
Sheer neckline black brocade blouse
Sheer neckline brocade blouse with capped sleeves

Hope this helped my ladies living in the West to plan ahead so that they can rock their saree in a foreign land.



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