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Learn to style sequin sarees the right way by following my tips. Sequin sarees can either be gaudy or chic depending on how you present it.
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They say history repeats itself. This is especially true in fashion trends. Growing up my mom used to tell me of the latest trend of my teen years were also trendy in her days. I used to blow it off not understanding back then. Truly, I finally understand what she meant all those years ago. Sequin saree is one such fashion comeback that also had its glory days in history. And it is here to glam up the wardrobes of the fashion forward women. I want you, yes you my dear reader, to also stay on top of trends and spice up your closet.

Sequin sarees did not just make its appearance as a ghost from the past. Top designers have revamped this vintage fashion statement and made it reach new sensational heights. Celebrities have of course followed suit, draping their gorgeous selves in designer sequin saree to glamorous events.

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How to be Stylish in Sequin Saree

You might be wondering that just a bling filled saree must be too glitzy to wear. I am here to show you that your fears are misplaced. As sequin sarees may be glitzy but they are in no way gaudy if styled the right. I will share with you how you can also look chic and stylish in sequin sarees just like celebrities. Read on to know how to wear it like a pro.

Black Sequin Saree

All the black loving ladies will be happy to know that sequin in black look just divine. The subtle glamour of black sequin is perfect for evening formal events without being loud. If you are apprehensive about donning on a glittery sequin saree for the first time then a black one would be a perfect choice.

Can we please take a moment to appreciate Kangana Ranaut in this stunning glittery black Sabyasachi creation. Famous fashion designer Sabyasachi aptly named this saree “starry skies” aka “Akash Tara”. Kangana appeared in this retro nostalgia inducing look in Cannes Film Festival in 2018. Kangana in this look was said to give an eastern Audrey Hepburn feel from the classic Breakfast at Tiffany film.

How to Style a Black Glitzy Saree

One rule to follow to stylishly carry a gorgeous saree is to keep the saree blouse design simple. Higher the level of designs in the saree, the simpler the blouse should be. There are of course exceptions but that’s for another blog. Just scroll up and re-admire Kangana in her simplistic choice in blouse. She looked stunning and no one can deny that.

Karishma Kapoor also look stunning in black sequin and she also went for a simple blouse. The back of her blouse has an interesting look.

Karishma Kapoor in black saree

Tara Sutaria Spotted in Gray Sequin  

Tara Sutaria attended actor Amitabh Bachchan’s Diwali celebration in a mushroom grey sequin saree. Her look was flawless. She wore minimalistic jewellery. The deep V neck satin blouse was the perfect backdrop for showcasing such a striking iridescent grey sequin attire.

Kareena Kapoor in Salmon Pink

Kareena Kapoor Khan look peachy in Manish Malhotra creation. The salmon pink sequin embellished saree is draped against the backdrop of a sleeveless metallic pink blouse. The blouse itself is very simple in its design but the fabric is the key.

Kareena Kapoor in salmon pink sequin saree

Kiara Advani Slaying in Two Manish Malhotra Sequin Sarees

I do not know which one is better to be honest. Both the sarees are worlds apart yet using the same element, i.e. sequin. Manish Malhotra has truly tapped into the sequined saree look.

Pastel Sage Green Saree

First let’s look at this lovely pastel sage green sequin saree. This colour is a favourite of mine and seeing it represented in a glitzy saree made my day. Kiara Advani in this sage green sequin ruffle border saree looks refreshing and exudes of youthfulness. She kept her blouse front tube and intentionally simple. The back of the saree blouse is more interesting. Her makeup is kept natural and she accessorized sparingly. Truly this is a 10 out of 10 look.

Kiara Advani in pastel sage green saree
Kiara Advani in Manish Malhotra designer wear
Kiara Advani in Manish Malhotra designer wear
Gold Sequin Saree

Now take a look at Kiara Advani draped in a totally different look in sequin. Again we see her in another pre-draped masterpiece sequin saree by Manish Malhotra. She looks like a sculpted gold diva. Here her blouse is not plain. As you can see she opted for a sequined sleeveless blouse. Again she accessorized scarcely.

Manish Malhotra Designer Gradient Saree

As I have already stated above, Manish Malhotra stole the show when it comes to sequined sarees. We see his magic again in gradient sequin work. Actresses Katrina Kaif and Tamannaah Bhatia were both seen in his gorgeous designer wear. Unlike his other creations, the blouse here is in two shades picked from the gradient pale and dark hues. Both the ladies don on blouses in simple designs to keep the eye on the saree.

Tips on Styling Sequin Sarees:

  1. Wear simple blouse to create a neutral backdrop for your gorgeous saree. Although the celebrities wore only sleeveless blouses, it is not necessary to wear sleeveless blouse only. You can also wear full sleeve, short sleeve or three quarter sleeve with these sarees. Just keep in mind to keep the blouse simple.
  2. As the saree itself is embellished with sequins, weal earrings and other accessories sparingly. I suggest opting for a pair of earrings that go with the saree and leave the neck empty. If you must wear necklace, go for a simple minimalistic neck piece. You can wear a bracelet or watch with these sarees.
  3. If you do not want to look gaudy, opt for a natural makeup instead of heavy party makeup.
  4. Carry a matching purse and wear a matching pair of shoes to complete the look.

What to Avoid When Donning a Heavily Embellished Saree?

I said earlier that simple is better. Please avoid wearing a heavily embellished blouse. Do not wear an ill fitted blouse. This advice is applicable for all kinds of sarees. Wearing a well stitched blouse that hugs the upper torso and arms is the key to looking fabulous in saree. Madhuri Dixit is a saree diva herself. As much as we adore Madhuri Dixit in sarees, she made a faux pa in one of her saree looks as pictured below. A simpler saree blouse with a fitted sleeve would have looked better with this look.

Madhuri Dixit in ill fitted blouse
Madhuri Dixit Looking Gorgeous in Saree

Madhuri Dixit wore a stunning silver sequin saree with a floral sequin blouse. Here even though the blouse is heavy, it is not taking away from the beauty of the saree. Rather the overall look is charming.

Hope you learnt some valuable tips on how to style a gorgeous sequin ethnic wear from this blog post. Let me know in the comments below which look you liked best.

If you need any advice do reach out to me in the comments section.



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