5 Latest Saree Blouse For Skinny Arms

If you have skinny arms and feel self conscious about wearing saree then I will help you choose the right saree blouse for skinny arms. You will be able to confidently wear that saree.
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I get requested a lot to advice on the latest saree blouse for skinny arms as much as I get asked about how to look skinny in saree. I promote body positivity no matter what type of body you have. You must embrace your own body type whether it be skinny, slim, healthy or overweight. Of course everyone should aim to achieve a healthy balance in their lives but meanwhile I want you to respect, accept and love the body you are in at the current state. So today’s post is for girls who feel self conscious about their skinny frames when it comes to wearing a saree. I am here to dispel your unfounded consciousness regarding this. I will show you 5 ways in which you can rock your saree and accentuate all your beautiful assets.

5 Latest Saree Blouse For Skinny Arms

Leg of the Mutton Sleeves

So what is this sleeve?

Among the latest saree blouse for skinny arms is the leg of the mutton sleeve. Well the name is quite self explanatory. Imagine the hind leg of a mutton. It is big at the base and tapers down to a narrow point at the bottom. It is named after the leg due to its visual similarity with it. This type of sleeves were very popular in the 19th century. Women of that time used to wear this sleeve in their gowns and jackets. The leg of mutton sleeves are also known as the gigot sleeve in French. In the 1980’s this style of sleeves again became popular in tops, dresses and even salwar suits.

How does this sleeve make skinny arms look flattering?

Women ask me how they can give a fuller appearance in saree with their skinny frame. Regarding this I always tell them that it’s all about creating an appealing silhouette. With sarees there is so much we can do to create the right silhouette with the saree blouse design and the material of the saree itself. Among the saree blouse styles for skinny arms, the mutton leg sleeve ranks high. This is due to the fact that it creates an illusion of fuller upper arm with the use of the pleats. This style has become popular amongst trendy young women who like to play with their blouse styles.

Although this style itself is not new but it is certainly new in the saree fashion industry. This sleeve can give the wearer an chic and fashionable look. Take a look at the images below to see how beautiful and seamless this sleeve looks with saree.

Puff Sleeve Saree Blouse

Puff sleeve also has a place at the table of the latest saree blouse for skinny arms. However, I am not talking about the goti sleeve puff. This style is more like a short more contained leg of the mutton sleeve. I am talking about the puff that has pleats only on the top shoulder part of the sleeve instead of the usual all around the arm hole pleats which we call the “goti” sleeve.  

How does this sleeve make skinny arms look becoming?

The upwards pointed puff of the sleeves draw attention to the shoulders and gives dimension to the entire ensemble. By doing this the focus is shifted from the girth of the arms to the shoulders. The puff also gives the upper arms a very appealing conical shape. Take a look at the following shoulder puff sleeves to get an idea.

Half Flared Bell Sleeve Saree Blouse Design

I personally really like the latest flared bell sleeves for saree blouses. It gives the entire look a comfortable airy vibe. This sleeve style is very comfortable to wear and carry. It also gives the saree a very casual aura. This type of sleeve hides the bony structure of the upper arms curtaining it with swaying fabric which adds a delicate touch.

What Type of Fabric Look Best for this Sleeve?

I would suggest picking a flowy fabric like chiffon, georgette, Italian crepe, satin or silk fabric. Any fabric that moves easily is best suited for this type of sleeve design. I have seen women make it with stiff fabric like brocade and starched cotton but it ruins the look and does not look comfortable.

The Balloon Sleeve for Saree Blouses

 To the list of 5 latest saree blouse for skinny arms I have in include the balloon sleeve. Balloon sleeves are like the bishop sleeve or peasant sleeve. These types of sleeves do not have pleats at the shoulder but does have ruche fabric at the wrist or wherever it ends. Ruche means the fabric is gathered together in pleats to give a voluminous appearance. Thus, the voluminous appearance will help your arms look more appealing and you will be more confident when wearing this type of sleeve with your saree. This type of sleeves have been used for a long time historically. However, it is very trendy and new in the saree blouse fashion world.

What Type of Fabric is Ideal for Balloon Sleeve?

The fabric option for this sleeve in a saree blouse is quite wide. I personally like this sleeve being made with translucent or transparent sheer fabric as it makes the blouse look full but not heavy. Irrespective of my personal favourite, I have seen this sleeve in blouse looking absolutely stunning in satin fabric too. Nevertheless, I would advise you to steer clear of heavy hard fabrics when making this blouse.

image of two women in same nude saree with balloon sleeves

Cold Shoulder Saree Blouse Design

I know cold shoulder has entered the saree scene for a few years now but I still find it relatively new and an absolute must. I have personally worn this sleeve style with many different types of sarees. Cold shoulder is one such type of sleeve that actually suits all types of women whether they are skinny or overweight. This is a sleeve style that will stay in fashion for years. It is sweet and sexy at the same time. It can be customized in numerous ways. The hole of the sleeve can be tiny to really big depending on the amount of arm flesh you want to expose. It can be accessorized with beads and pearls and all kinds of lace.

Tips on Saree Blouse Styles For Skinny Arms

  1. Regular Three Quarter or Full Sleeve Blouse. This tip is especially for those who do not like to experiment with new styles of blouses. Get yourself the regular full sleeve or three quarter sleeve blouse with one extra addition. With this extra one step you can transform the blouse sleeve to appear fuller. Thereby, making your arms look more desirable. This trick is adding a medium thick (not the really thin voile fabric) lining to the sleeves even if the sleeve fabric is not sheer or thin. This will help to camouflage your problem areas.  
  1. If you are over conscious about your skinny arms then avoid spaghetti strap blouses. Personally I really like skinny girls in tube tops and spaghetti blouses because I find the bony structure looks amazing shown off. However, it’s your body and if you want to appear fuller then you should avoid any blouse that reveals your problem areas.
  2. Draw attention away from the arms to the neck or shoulder is an easy way to not attract attention to the arms. Easiest way to do that is by having intricate details on the neck area or exposing your collar bones. If you are concerned about skinny arms I am positive that you have killer collar bones to boast. Take advantage of that and flaunt them. If you do that no one will have time to focus on your arms.

If you want to know more about different types of sleeves then this is a great website that you can check out.

Hope I was of some use to you and best of luck wearing that saree with confidence.



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