How To Accessorize Saree With Belt

Learn all the hows about accessorizing sarees with belts. At the end of the blog there are tips to follow to avoid faux pas.

Once again I am here to prove how versatile and timeless this queen of attire of the east is. Women of the South East Asian countries love to drape saree for different occasions. Although it is becoming rarer to find women putting on saree on a regular basis, the art of draping it is far from gone. Everyone loves to wear the saree but no one wants to look all over the place when wearing one. This is where today’s article comes to help you achieve the most gathered and smart way to dress in saree. You will find out how to accessorize saree with belt. It is one unique and simple way to present the overall ensemble in a compact gathered manner.  

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What Type of Saree can be Accessorized with Belt?

You can accessorize saree with belt with almost all types of sarees. Whether it be cotton, chiffon, silk or traditional kanjiveeram silk saree. All types of women from the fashion ramp walk to wedding stages have flaunted saree with belts. I will explore how different types of sarees can be accessorized with belt in this article. So read on ladies if you want to stay on top of the game of sarees.

Can I Wear Waist Sash with a Monochrome Saree?

The answer to whether you can wear a belt with a monochrome saree is a resounding yes! In fact pairing a belt with a monochrome one toned saree is the best way to flaunt a belt. This idea has been again and again used by designers to showcase their designer creations. In particular, designer Sabyasachi Mukherjee created his staple belt design just for sarees. This belt has been seen flaunted in runways, and worn by celebrities and the trendy fashionistas.

Why you should pair sash with a monochrome saree

The reason why you should pair a belt with monochrome one toned sarees is because the simplicity of the saree itself will act as the perfect base to flaunt and focus on the belt design. This is especially applicable if you have a beautifully crafted belt or a designer belt. You want the focus to be on the belt sitting in the middle of the entire look. Another reason is that the belt can sometimes look too much if put on a background, i.e. the saree, that has a lot of things happening as it is like heavy embellishments.

Does It Mean I Cannot Wear Waist Sash with Other Sarees?

That does not mean you can’t wear the belt on prints or embellished sarees at all. Ladies who are new to experimenting with the concept of belts and sarees should first try it with a monochrome saree. This is a no fail option. However, I do think that if you are a bit confident then you can and should experiment with wearing belts with other types of sarees. I will discuss that as we progress through this post. For now just take a look at the pictures below and see how seamlessly belts go with one toned sarees.

Accessorize Saree With Belt
From left to right: Bottle Green one tone saree with betal belt, Pastel blue saree with bead embellished sash, Black saree with Sabyasachi tiger belt.

Can I Wear Belt With an Organza Saree?

A lot of you stay away from wearing organza sarees due to its fluffy nature. Many fear that this fabric would be difficult to handle in a saree and might make the wearer look big. I will not say that this is not entirely true. However, I will say that one way to tame the flyaway nature of organza can be easily tackled with the use of a belt. Wearing a belt with an organza saree can make the saree look something out of the vogue magazine. While the end part of the saree as in the pallu is left to free flow, the overall saree is securely gathered around the wait to give the lady wearing it the freedom to freely move in it. I personally find this look exceptionally fascinating. See the pictures below and you will see for yourself how tactfully the belt contained these organza sarees.

Image of two organza sarees styled with waist sash

Can I Accessorize Printed Matching Saree and Blouse With Belt?

Do you enjoy wearing matching separates in Western outfits? If you do then it is no different in sarees and blouses. Same printed saree paired with same printed blouse is an “in” trend. To further make this look enticing you can definitely accessorize matching saree and blouse with a belt. Celebrities love flaunting this look and so should you. Intagram fashion forward women are currently also loving propagating this trend. By following this trend you can give a youthful and new twist to this ancient attire. See the photographs below to see for yourself how beautiful it looks to wear a belt with printed sarees.     

image of green printed saree, printed blouse and matching belt
Runway models in matching printed saree blouse with waist strap
Actress Karishma kapoor and katrina kaif in floral printed saree blouse and designer belt

How to Look Glamorous in Embroidered Blouse, Simple Saree and Belt?

If you have a Saree with only embellishments in the border and pallu (that is the end part of the saree) and a blouse that has heavy designs but feel that something is missing for the look then you can upgrade the look by wearing a belt as an ornament. The idea of donning a belt with a saree is a contemporary and stylish element that will surely make you look glamorous at any weddings or parties.  

How to Accessorize Wedding Saree With Belt?

Oh if you thought that brides are far behind on this latest trend then you are wrong. Who would have imagined that traditional bridal sarees like kanjivaram, benarasi and silk sarees could be paired with a belt too! To be fair the concept of belt in another form has been present in South Indian brides in the form of a gold waist jewellery. Now with the rise of usage of belt in sarees, it is becoming more regular to see brides in contemporary gold or silver belts with their bridal saree. These jewellery belts look neat and truly glorify the bridal look.

4 women in their wedding traditional silk saree with belts

What Other Types of Sarees Can You Accessorize With Belts?

To be honest, it would be wrong to say that so and so sarees can only be blinged up with a belt. As all sarees can be, with some minute tweaks, accessorized with belts. Still I am sharing some more ideas below with photographs so that you can see that the following sarees also look great with belts:

  1. Frill border sarees paired with heavily embellished blouses look great with midriff strap.
  2. Georgette katan sarees with exquisite embroidered blouses also look amazing with a matching embellished belt.
Accessorize Saree With Belt
Front and back of rust orange saree

What to Keep in Mind When Accessorizing Saree With Belt?

Please keep in mind that the belt is only an ornament that should be used to highlight or accentuate the beauty of the saree and the woman wearing it. It should not be so thick that instead of a highlighting the best parts of the lady, it takes away from the look. If you see the image below you will see that the belt is too wide and instead of emphasizing the narrowest part of the upper torso, it is making the midriff look chonky.

what to avoid when wearing saree with waist sash

Where to Wear a Belt with Saree?

The best place to wrap a strap around the saree is the narrowest part of the waist just below the ribcage. Best to avoid wearing it around the hips as it will only emphasize the widest part of the look. If you are a very lean lady then you can wear it a little below the narrowest part and get away with it. For most, the rule of thumb is to fasten it just at the narrowest part.

So that is it for today. I am sure you can now confidently accessorize saree with belt and be the debonair girl at any party you attend.    

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